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Parts of the house rouletteWheel of rooms! Take advantage of the classic spin the wheel game by using to practice the rooms of a house with your child. Grab a piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle, then divide the wheel into several slices using a marker. Paint each slice of a different color. Write on each slice the name of a room in a house. Place the wheel on top of another circle made of cardboard and joined them in the center, so the wheel can spin, and put a pointer in the outer circle. Now, the objective of the game is to spin the wheel to pick a room and depending on this room, your child must name as many items in English as he or she knows. This is a fun game to practice some vocabulary while playing as a family.

Is the place where - Parts of the house Where am I? This is an easy game for kids to play with their parents. The objective of the game is to find out which room of the house is being described. To play, ask your little one to picture him or herself in a particular room in the house, then, ask him or her to describe that room saying: I see a chair, I see a table, I see a vase, I see a sofa… It’s the living-room! As your little one is describing the room, you will have to guess which part of the house is it. The sooner you guess, the better! 

Where I am - Parts of the houseIs the place where… Each room of the house has its purpose, the bedroom is for sleeping, and the kitchen for cooking. With this game, your little one will not only practice the names of the rooms in the house but also he or she will get to practice action verbs of things that can be done in those rooms. Playing is very easy, just make sentences with the activities are done in a room starting with “It’s the place where…” until your little one guesses. For example, “It’s the place where we brush our teeth.” That’s right, it’s the bathroom!