Activities to learn fruit names

All the English academy books start with the word ''apple''. It's the first example that comes along with the first letter of the alphabet. So while you're at it - learn more fruit names in English too!

1. Match the picture with the word: On one piece of paper draw various fruits and put numbers on each one. On a different piece of paper write the names of the fruits and put little blank squares. Have your child match the fruit drawings with the names by putting the corresponding number in the blank squares.

2. Grocery shopping: Apart from your usual grocery list, take flash cards with fruit images and their names in English for your child and have them pick the fruit for you. Ask them to get a specific fruit in English: ''Can you get some bananas for me, please?''. See how many fruits they can get right and help them out with the ones they are not completely sure about.

3. True or false worksheet: On a piece of paper write a couple of sentences - both true and false. For example ''Oranges are blue'' or ''Apples are red'' and draw the fruits right next to the sentence. Read the sentence out loud to your child and after they have the correct answer tell them to color the fruits in their right color.

4. Make a fruit salad: Learn about your kid's favourite fruit while making a delicious snack. Repeat the names of each fruit as you prepare the salad and try tiny pieces to connect the taste with the colour and the texture. Kids learn the fastest when all of their senses are involved.

5. Trace and color: In our printable worksheets you will find an activity where your child can trace the English fruit names so that they learn how to write them and then color the fruits. Find more fun games, activities and songs on Lingokids app and watch your kid progress more and more every day while having a ton of fun!

*Bonus fun fruit idiom in English for you - ''to go bananas'' 🍌  means to become crazy. English really is a curious language! 😀

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