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Learning about cooking vocabulary might seem easy. However, there are many different types of foods around the globe, as well as diverse cooking techniques and utensils, and all these names can be difficult to learn For children, learning cooking vocabulary can be an advance in their English learning experience. Here you’ll find several ways to improve your children’s vocabulary when it comes to cooking.

Videogames - Learning cooking vocabularyVideo games: One of the most fun ways to learn about cooking is with role-playing online games. In these types of games, the main character is usually a chef that needs to cook several dishes for a restaurant following a very simple process and tasks. There are several games like these available, from sushi to Italian cuisine. With these games, your little one will not only learn lots of new cooking vocabulary, but also, he or she will learn about time management.

Cooking show - Learning cooking vocabularyHome cooking family show! What better way to learn about cooking than by making one’s favorite dish? Gather all the ingredients needed to prepare your child’s favorite meal, and make your own cooking show at home. Ask your family to be your audience as you and your little one prepare the food. While you do this, make sure to list all the ingredients to practice English vocabulary, and also, you can also practice some cooking verbs while describing the cooking process. Enjoy your meal!

Scrapbook - Learning cooking vocabularyRecipe scrapbook: Probably your child has more than one favorite meal, and as he or she grows up the list of preferred dishes will like increase, so, it could be a fun idea to make your own recipe scrapbook! Take a blank notepad and ask your little one to start his or her own recipe book, where all the favorite dishes will go. If your child is old enough to write, ask him or her to write down all the favorite recipes, and cut pieces of pictures of magazines to illustrate your book. Your child can even draw the food items by himself or herself! This way, your child will get to practice words in English, and also will have a chance to practice his or her writing skills.