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1. Memory cards - Draw or print images of various pieces of clothing (two of each), cut them in little squares and write their English names. Put them in rows, face down and turn over any two cards on each turn. If your cards match - keep them, if they don't then turn them back over. Whoever matches the cards first wins! Playing games and having fun is the easiest way for kids to learn a new language or any other skill.

2. Educational app - We live in an age where we order our clothes or choose our outfits online, which means that educational apps are an essential part of a child's education, that's why in the Lingokids app you can find numerous activities that will help your kid learn English the fun and natural way!

3. Go shopping together - Another fun activity where you can spend time together with your little one while enhancing their English vocabulary. While you go through the clothes in the store ask your child to say the English name for every particular item they learned on Lingokids. 😉

4. Play dress-up - At the end of the day girls just want to have fun! Open your drawer and play dress-up with your little ones. Give each other tasks - like telling what piece of clothing they should put on next: ''Take the green skirt and white shirt!'' and vice versa.

5. Songs - Out of the many songs you can find about pieces of clothing in English, select a few that your child likes and finds entertaining and fun. ''Put on Your Shoes'' , ''The Clothing Song'' and ''Clothes Song'' are among our favourites!

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