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Music 1. Songs - Start with the classic ''Old MacDonald Had a Farm''. Download Lingokids , the English learning app for kids, and you'll find many songs about animals. (You can also find many activities and games for learning English too

Hummingbird - animals

2. Animal movement cards - Print some cards with animal pictures on them and write down how they move - ''roll like a pig'', ''gallop like a horse'', ''pounce like a cat', etc. Draw a card in turns and get ready and encourage your kids to repeat the names of the animals and mimic the way they move. You'll be laughing and learning in no time!

Origami animal3. Animal paper crafts - Kids love creating! Gather some simple materials and make some fun crafts with your little ones. You'll need some paper plates, craft paper of different colors, markers, crayons, blank paper, scissors, and glue. Use the papers to create the basic shapes of your favorite animals, use the crayons and markers to draw their features and add some color. Then, finish your crafts adding details such as ears, noses or eyes with the craft paper. You can also try to make some origami animals that are quite fun for kids to play with. 

Sheep - farm animals4. Take them to a farm  - Kids learn English best if they interact with the objects they learn about. If you have a chance take them to a nearby farm and have a fun family day out while learning.

Squirrel - seasonal animal5. Seasonal tips - Learn about sea animals in the summer. Use all of the tips we mentioned above and practice the animal names while playing at the beach. Learn about polar animals in the winter.  Draw and color polar animals while cuddled under your warmest blanket drinking tea.