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Describe yourself - Activities to learn adjectives1. Describe us! This an activity for your kid to practice descriptive words with the whole family. Cut as many pieces of rectangular papers as family members you'll describe. Then, ask your kid to draw each family member on one side of the paper. Now, on the back, ask your child to write words to describe that person, if they aren't old enough to write, ask them to tell you the words and write them down. With these cards, kids will learn to identify each person with the adjectives describing people

Design your own monster - Activities to learn adjectives2. Make a Monster: Ask your child to draw three or four different monsters. Encourage the kid to make distinctive characteristic for each character, then ask them to describe the monsters for you. Remember to ask questions such as "Is it a big monster?", "Is it creative?", "Is the monster friendly?". This way, besides putting your kid's creative thoughts to work, they'll learn about adjectives and descriptions.

Details memory game - Activities to learn adjectives3. Details, details! This game is a variation of the classic packing my bag game, and it's suited for the whole family! Gather around in a circle, and state a sentence about a person or animal, for example, "I have a blue bird." Then, encourage your family to keep adding details to that animal with adjectives, like "I have a big blue bird.",  the trick is that they have to memorize all the previous adjectives! The objective of the game is to memorize as many adjectives as possible. A fun way to spend family time!