Activities to learn about the family members

Family Tree - Family Vocabulary

1. My Family Tree! Build your own family tree. You’ll need blank paper, colours, glue, and some small leaves. First, draw a big leafless tree on a blank paper. Ask your child to help you colour it. After, glue the leaves on the tree, one for each family member. Under each leaf, write the name and relationship of a member of the family. Explain to your kid that this tree represents the family and that’s why they’re all leaves of the same tree. 

Guess who 2. Guess the family member: A fun and simple exercise to do with your kids is to play guessing the family member. Using the Descriptive Words for Children, describe a relative until your child identifies the correct person. It’s an excellent way to reinforce two relevant topics in an enjoyable way. 

Neighbourhood - Family Vocabulary3. Family Neighbourhood: You will need some blank pieces of paper, colours, glue and a short pieces of thin ribbon. Tell your kid that each paper represents a family core within your extended family. Ask the child to draw one house and family per paper. Then, glue one tip of the ribbon to one family house, and the other to the next family house, making a chain of houses and families. Explain that even though each family has their own place, they all belong to a a big neighbourhood!