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The smell of a new book, or the joy of a fresh pack of colors! School supplies are one of the most fun parts of going to school! Learning about their names in English and also their uses can be lots of fun for children. Check out these games and activities to learn about school supplies that will help your little one know more about this topic in a fun, playful manner!

I packed my back game1. “I packed my bag” This is a classic game that’s mostly played during car trips, even though, you can actually play it in your house, at a party, or during a visit around the city with your little one. This is a memory game, and it’s best played by two or more people. The objective of the game is to remember as many items as possible, and better yet if it’s in order! Each person should start by saying: “I packed my bag…”, followed by the name of a school supply to add to their imaginary bags. The first person obviously starts with an item, the second should mention the first item, and add a second, and so forth. The list is going to become longer and longer, and the game ends when someone forgets an item. It’s a really fun game for the whole family, and the perfect opportunity to go over the name of school supplies in English.

Guess my drawing 2. Guess my drawing! Another classic game that the little ones love! In this game, which is played in a group, the objective is to guess the name of whatever drawing one of the playings is making. You will need just a whiteboard and a board marker, or blank paper and some pencils. To play, cut some small pieces of paper and write on each one the name of a school supply. Fold the papers and put them inside a bag. Then, have one person per turn take one paper -the rest shouldn’t look at it!- and he or she must draw the item in the paper on the board. The rest of the group will have to try to guess what item is it while it’s being drawn. The person who guesses more drawings will win! This game is fun to play with the whole family, or even at school with friends.

Homemade crafts with school supplies3. Homemade crafts . Practice is the best way to learn sometimes, and when it comes to learning about school supplies, practice is everything! You can choose a project to make with your little one during vacations or on the weekends. It can be a nice board about his or her favorite stories, or even a homemade book about your child’s favorite recipes. The idea is to use as many supplies as possible, like markers , a ruler , pencil , or pen . As you use them, make sure to say the names of these items in English so your little one can practice his or her vocabulary in English , and even boost his or her pronunciation and listening skills. Once you’re finished, your little one will have practiced a few new words, and also will have a great project to show to friends and family.