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Theater - Activities to learn about jobs1. Theater time! Children’s imagination is endless, they are used to creating their own worlds suited to their likes and dreams. This could be a great advantage to practice a bit more about professions in English. Encourage your little one to make his or her own theater play with the family. For this, each member of the family can play a different profession (doctor, police, scientist…) and you can have fun while interpreting these characters. Try making a different story that's interesting, and try incorporating as much new vocabulary as you can in the dialogs, this way your little one will get to learn about professions in English as he or she gets to know more new words in this language. This could also be a great time to practice a bit of speaking.  

Memory match - Activities to learn about jobs2. Memory match Why not combine two of the most fun games? That’s right, memory and match! You can print flashcards about jobs and professions and then cut the names of the jobs from the cards and you’ll have two different sets: the names of the jobs in words, and the pictures related to them. Apart from this, grab a piece of cardboard of your favorite color and cut enough equal sized rectangles to glue in each of them a job name or a job image. Once you have all your cards ready, it’s time to play! Shuffle the cards and place them upside down on a table, ask your little one to pick one, and then another, and see if they match. If they don’t, then place them back on the table, and pick two more. You can take turns playing will your child, until one of you finds all the pairs between the job’s names and the images.

City diorama - Activities to learn about jobs3. City diorama If you are in the mood for a more complex project, try building your own city diorama as a family! Ask your child how he or she wants it to be, and remember that you can make it as easy or complicated as you want. The idea is to build a small part of the city so your little one can practice identifying the different professions and jobs of the people that live there. You can have a bakery, where a baker works; a bank, which a bank teller, or even an airport, where the pilots and flight attendants work. Have fun building your own little world with your child!