Creating healthy eating habits must always be a priority for parents. There are several studies which prove that kids who eat healthy food in general have better growth and development, since these types of food have the necessary nutrients to boost their immune system, fight diseases and prevent several health issues as they grow.

Fruits are a great example of healthy food. They are very good since they contain fiber and vitamins which are vital to kids' health, but they are also very varied in color, taste and texture which makes them fun to eat. The great thing about this is that there are many fruit options available, from more acid fruits like lemons or limes to the sweetest of apples, there's a broad rage of choices so you can adapt your children's fruit intake to their favorite tastes!

Learning fruit names could be a lot of fun for kids, here you'll find a list of fruit names in English and also activities and games to teach your kids about this important topic.

List of Fruits in English:

Fruits in English - Grapes


Fruits in English - Lime

l ime

Fruits in English - Lemon


Fruits in English - Cherry


Fruits in English - Blueberry


Fruits in English - Banana


Fruits in English - Apple


Fruits in English - Watermelon


Fruits in English - Peach


Fruits in English - Pineapple


Fruits in English - Strawberry


Fruits in English - Orange



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