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It is well known that as children grow up they experiment lot's of new things, new smells, new sensations and also many new faces. As soon as they're born, babies start putting their senses to practice while looking around the room and getting acquainted with the people that surround them and their face parts and their expressions. 

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For infants, one of the first approaches to the world happens as they learn to discern parts of the face and people's facial expressions. Recognizing friendly faces makes them feel confident and calmed and, on the contrary, looking at a not so friendly face triggers the responses for fear or anger, which are important for their own survival while learning to differentiate good from bad. 

Emotional development is also tightly related to facial expressions. Researchers say that newborn babies start recognizing the parts of the head just minutes after they're born, and it's only a matter of hours to set apart mom's face from others. As for expressions, it takes them months to identify the most important ones. This learning process contributes to kids' emotional and cognitive development since they can easily tell what to do in new situations just guiding themselves based on their mom's facial expressions. 

Here you'll find some very useful tips to help your children learn all about face parts names through fun activities and games. 

Face parts names in English:

Body Parts for Kids - Head


Hair - Body parts


Eye - Body parts


Body Parts for Kids - Ears


Body parts for kids - Nose


Body parts for kids - Mouth


chin - face parts


forehead - face parts


jaw - face parts


cheek - face parts





teeth (plural)





Face Parts Printable Flashcards

Flashcards: Face Parts

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