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Learning the colors is an essential step in children's development, and it proves to be an influential way of communication later in life. Colors have an influence in moods, opinions and they might even affect people's perception, e.g. blue is associated with trust and stability, yellow with happiness and energy and green is a color associated with peace and calmness.

Colors and shapes are the first characteristics that help organize and categorize the world children experience. It may seem like a simple process, but it's the foundation for more complex operations like recognizing letters and numbers, hence the importance of teaching this topic during early childhood. Of course, there is more to colors than just knowing their names; learning the many shades, hues and tints also help enhance children's creativity in a superb way, they're an aid in the creation of association between colors and events, like dark green for Christmas, and light green for Spring, and also when learning about art and culture. Learning colors names in English is also a great way for children to start shaping their personalities, their likes, and dislikes, which will make them unique individuals in the future. To make learning the colors easier, let's divide them into three categories: primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the most basic colors, which are the ones you can't get by mixing other colors.

Red - Colors in English


Yellow - Colors in english


Blue - Colors in English


Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are the result of mixing two primary colors.

Green - Colors in English

red + blue = green 

Orange - Colors in English

red + yellow = orange

Purple - Colors in English

blue + red = purple

Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are the result of mixing one primary color with a secondary color. These mixes result in many different beautiful shades.

teal - colors

blue + green = teal 

lime - colors

yellow + green = lime

brown - colors

red + green = brown

Other colors in English

navy - colors


magenta - colors


Pink - Colors in English


turquoise - colors


dorado - colores


plateado - colors


black - colors


white - colors


Do you want to know how to pronounce Color´s name in English? Let´s sing Color´s Song with Cowy!

Colors Printable Flashcards

  Flashcards: Colors Flashcards: Colors 2


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