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English acquisition during childhood can be a complex issue. There are tons of activities, games, and topics available. Sometimes, due to this wide variety of options, picking the right learning tools for your child can be an issue. Here you’ll find the best tips to choose English activities for children according to their ages.

A child’s age has great importance in the type of content they should be consuming when learning English as a second or foreign language. Babies certainly have a different way of learning than toddlers. Additionally, babies’ learning skills also differ from the language acquisition skills than preschoolers or elementary school children have.

Each development stage in a child has its own set of milestones that are really helpful when choosing the best type of activities for kids to learn English. Even though these milestones can vary from child to child, they generally remain the same for children of similar ages.

Milestones such as speech development, language acquisition, or learning how to read, determine which activities will help a child learn English the best. These activities can range from coloring exercises to improve motor skills, to educational videos and songs in English that can help with pronunciation and vocabulary.

The right English learning activities can also be good motivational tools for children. Maybe a child is more inclined to learn by reading or they prefer using music as a learning aid. The fact is that when children perform an activity that they enjoy, learning comes naturally and becomes easier for them!

Especially for children learning English as a foreign language, having a program that nurtures their creativity and that’s focused on their specific skills can make all the difference in their learning experience.

With your child’s age in mind, check out the milestones that needs to be taken into consideration to make the most out of their learning process and choose the best English activities for your little one!

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