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Audio book- Let´s Play outside 1

1- Our friends are out to play. What will they do today?

Audio book - Let´s Play Outside 2

2- Lisa enjoys playing ball. Bobby likes to climb the wall.

Audio book - Let´s Play Outside 3

3- Billy jumps up and down. Cowy dances round and round.

Audio book - Let´s Play Outside 4

4- Elliot sings a silly song. Cowy swims all day long.

Audio book - Let´s Play Outside 5

5- They run a race on the track. One lap down and one lap back.

Audio book - Let´s Play Outside 6

6- They hop, skip, and run outside, and then go for a bike ride!

Audio book - Let´s Play Outside 7

7- So many ways to play with friends, we hope this day never ends!

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