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Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 1

1- Backyard Barbecue! Hurrah! Hurray! Hot dogs, hamburgers, and friends all day!

Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 2

2- We’ve got games. We’ll have fun. We’ve got chips. We’ve got buns

Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 3

3- Lemonade in a glass is nice. The weather is warm. We need ice!

Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 4

4- The ribs will taste very yummy! Make sure to leave room in your tummy!

Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 5

5- The barbecue grill is nice and hot. Let’s get the meat and put it on top!

Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 6

6- Now, all we have to do is wait. Let’s get in line and take a plate!

Backyard Barbecue - Audiobook 7

7- Everything’s ready! Hurrah! Hurray! Everyone loves barbecue day!


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