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The letters of the alphabet arranged in different ways! They can make many sounds and take different meanings to form the various words needed to make a sentence. So, we can say that letters are the building blocks of language! Sentences are one of the basic forms of communication, and they are made up of words. Words come in many ways, with different uses and representations. However, in the English language, the common component in all words are letters. 

Teaching the little ones the alphabetcreates a good foundation for their future language skills. Even though children's first approach to language is through learning simple words, by learning the how to write the alphabet and, also, how to pronounce the letters in English,  they can get better at communicating their thoughts, while their reading and communicational skills also improve drastically.

To make the learning easier for the little ones, we can divide the alphabet into two parts: consonants and vowels, according to how the sound of the letter is created when speaking. A great way to start teaching the alphabet in English to children is to associate each letter with a word. Remembering a letter by its sound it's easier, and it definitely helps the little ones to memorize the sounds of letters in English

Alphabet letters: Consonants

b B - Alphabet

/bi:/ B  for boy

c C - Alphabet

/si:/ C for cat

d D - Alphabet

/di:/ D for duck

f F - Alphabet

/ɛf/ F for fish

g G - Alphabet

/dʒi:/ G for girl

h H - Alphabet

/eɪtʃ/ H for hat

j J - Alphabet

/dʒeɪ/ J for jelly

k K - Alphabet

/keɪ/ K for kite

l, L, Alphabet

/ɛl/ L for lion

m M - Alphabet

/ɛm/ M for moon

n N - Alphabet

/ɛn/ N for net

p P - Alphabet

/piː/ P for pizza

q Q - Alphabet

/kju:/ Q for queen

r R - Alphabet

/ɑ:/ R for rabbit

s S - Alphabet

/ɛs/ S for sun

t, T - Alphabet

/ti:/ T for table

v V - Alphabet

/vi:/ V for van

w W - Alphabet

/ˈdʌbəlˌju:/ W for window

x X - Alphabet

/ɛks/ X as in box

y Y - Alphabet

/waɪ/ Y for yoghurt

z Z - Alphabet

/zi:/ Z for zebra

Alphabet letters: Vowels

a A - Alphabet

/eɪ/ A for apple

e E - Alphabet

/i:/ E for egg

i I - Alphabet

/aɪ/ I for iguana

o O - Alphabet

/əʊ/ O for octopus

u U - Alphabet

/ju:/ U for umbrella

ABC Phonics:

The letter's names are very important when learning to speak English. Even though they aren't always the same as the letter sounds, they give us a clue about how to pronounce each letter, and it's the perfect starter point to begin learning the alphabet during early childhood. 

Now let's listen to each letter sound and start practicing it with your little ones! 

Alphabet song

Learning letters is a huge step for children's development. And, what better way to learn such an important topic than through music? Music makes the learning process easier since it helps with memorization and makes it fun to learn new content. Children love music! So, through songs and harmonic sounds, learning the alphabet becomes a much more pleasant experience for them. Check out this awesome ABC song to help your little ones learn the alphabet in English


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