About Us

We empower parents with a language learning platform for their children during the most critical stage of development: early childhood.

Lingokids offers an alternative to traditional teaching methods by implementing interactive, multi-media technologies and embedding lessons into the context of games. Lingokids lessons are designed specifically to teach languages to children between 2 and 8 years of age through the ludic method of mini-games to encourage self-motivation and engagement.

Executive Team

  • suzanne.png

    Suzanne Barchers VP Curriculum

    After fifteen years as a reading and elementary teacher, Suzanne Barchers began a career in writing and publishing. Her publications include more than 230 books, from stories for children to college textbooks.

    She has served as an acquisitions editor for teachers’ and children’s books, as Managing Editor at Weekly Reader, and as Editor in Chief and Vice President at LeapFrog.

    She is past president of the board of directors for the Association of Educational Publishers.

    Suzanne Barchers currently serves on advisory boards for PBS, TextProject, and YouTube. She consults and writes from her home in Golden, Colorado. For more information, see www.suzanneibarchers.com and www.storycart.com.

  • jens.png

    Jens Peter Experience Director

    Jens is a creative leader and game designer with 18 years of experience in kids interactive media. As the first employee, he helped found Toca Boca, the kids app brand where he was Creative Lead - Strategy and Operations.

    He has also worked for organizations such as WGBH, Swedish Television and The United Nations.

    Jens has a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, 1999. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Education and Children's Culture, from Stockholm University and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

    As a three year old living in Paris, Jens was an original Lingokid, speaking three languages! Jens now resides in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters.

  • cristobal.png

    Cristobal Viedma CEO & Co-founder

    Cristobal Viedma is a serial-entrepreneur with a background in Computer Science. He's passionate about engineering, education, and cross-cultural communication.

    He was the Head of Platform at Viki, a Greylock and Andreessen Horowitz-backed international TV site that started as a language-learning platform. Viki was acquired in 2013 by Rakuten for $200M. At the time of the acquisition it had over 32M users worlwide.

    Prior to that, he founded Bluewalks, a startup that aimed to help travelers from all walks of life with crowd-sourced walking tours at the palm of their hand.

    Cristobal has also worked as a researcher in mobile services in the areas of eLearning, eHealth, and persuasive technologies in research centers such as the MIT-Media Lab and KTH Mobile Service Lab in Stockholm.

  • marieta.png

    Marieta Viedma Co-founder

    Marieta Viedma is driven by language learning, early childhood development, and education. In 2006 she founded Gea Educativa, a chain of educational centers for children ages 2 to 16, and currently serves as Chairman of the board.

    Marieta has pursued PhD coursework in Psychobiology, and during her studies she became fascinated by the cognitive capacities of early childhood, particularly in regard to language acquisition and the importance of learning through the play. She investigated the biological benefits of play behavior with children in Preschool Centers and with a baboon colony in the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid. Her studies focused particularly on how humans (and non-humans) use play as the primary method to explore and learn in early childhood.

    Marieta Viedma lives with her husband, bilingual 4 year-old daughter, and two dogs.


  • cristobal.png

    Cristobal Viedma CEO

  • marieta.png

    Marieta Viedma CPO

  • ashley.png

    Ashley Samay Director of Product

  • alberto.png

    Alberto Mateo Creative Director

  • christos.png

    Christos Zisopoulos Director of Engineering - Platform

  • carlos.png

    Carlos Garcia Director of Engineering - Mobile

  • jose.png

    Jose Lis Director of Marketing

  • luis.png

    Luis Alejandro Gonzalez Business Development

  • alvaro.png

    Alvaro Verastegui Senior Software Developer

  • andrey.png

    Andrey Isaev Senior Backend Developer

  • finik.png

    Alexey Finkilshtein QA Manager

  • jairo.png

    Jairo Baldan Software Developer

  • yisus.png

    Jesus Maria Parral Junior Software Developer

  • jorge.png

    Jorge Hurtado Junior Software Developer

  • eva.png

    Eva Rick Head of Product - Lingokids Live

  • meredith.png

    Meredith Chasney Curriculum Manager

  • cindy.png

    Cindy La Rosa Lingokids Live Sales Manager

  • michael.png

    Michael Doran Customer Success

  • ana.png

    Ana Villalba Growth Hacker

  • diego.png

    Diego Perez Data Analyst

  • sofija.png

    Sofija Kuzmanovska Social Media Strategist

  • estefania.png

    Estefania Torres Head of Performance Marketing

  • dennisse.png

    Dennisse Mendez Email Marketing Manager

  • sandra.png

    Sandra Echevarria Executive Assistant to CEO

  • ruben.png

    Ruben Paniagua Animator

  • alejandro.png

    Alejandro Candela Sound Designer


  • 500startups.svg

    500 Startups http://500.co

    Leading Global Venture Capital Seed Fund

  • SHOzemi.svg

    SHO-zemi http://www.shozemi.com

    Japan’s premier tutoring school with over 200 educational centers

  • gwynne.png

    Gwynne Shotwell

    American Business Woman
    World's 90th Most Powerful Woman (Forbes'14)

  • carina.png

    Carina Szpilka

    VP Unicef
    Former CEO ING Direct

Advisory Board

  • razmig.png

    Razmig Hovaghimian Founder CEO Viki, Sr Executive Officer & Board Observer Rakuten

  • kentliu.png

    Kent Liu Former GM EA Mobile Asia, Former Director JAMDAT (IPO + $680M exit)

  • silvia.png

    Silvia Guerrero Research in Social and Cognitive Development in Childhood, UCM

  • ileana.png

    Ileana Enesco Professor in Cognitive Development, UCM


Lingokids is a project co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union and the "Programa Estatal de Promoción del Talento y su Empleabilidad" from Spain's "Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad"

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union Proyecto Financiado por el Programa Estatal de Promoción del Talento y su Empleabilidad del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad