Online Teacher Code of Conduct

Effective Date: September 27, 2017

All teachers who are approved to teach with MONKIMUN, Inc (“Company,” “we,” “us” or “our”, “Lingokids”) agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms. In addition, we require that all teachers adhere to our Teacher Code of Conduct. By teaching with us, you agree to follow the policies outlined below.

The Teacher Code of Conduct serves as teaching guidelines for all Online Teachers referred to in this document as “teachers” or “Online Teachers” and is incorporated into the Terms. The purpose of our Teacher Code of Conduct is to:

Create a safe learning environment for students and their parents Encourage the highest standards of behavior for all teachers by setting out clear statements of expectation Provide a set of principles to guide teachers in their everyday conduct and assist them when interacting and teaching students Due to the international team of teachers and users who may adhere to different cultural norms, the Online Teacher Code of Conduct has been created based on universally accepted standards of respect and tolerance. It does not cover every specific situation but provides guidelines for ethical and professional behavior.

We recognize there are different views on these issues, but these are the official policies of the Company, and we reserve the right to deactivate your teaching profile if your use of the Service is found to be in violation of the Online Teacher Code of Conduct Online Teacher Code of Conduct Keep Children Safe Never engage in any behavior that endangers the safety or privacy of a Student. Never ask if a Parent is at home. You may ask “Can I speak to a Parent or Adult?” Never use profanity or other adult language during a Class or while a recording is in session. You may not communicate with the Student outside of the Services. Be Culturally Sensitive: Respect the values and traditions of the User Avoid asking the following questions to parents or students during your teaching sessions:

Personal life Avoid asking the user if they are married and or single (i.e. Do you have a girlfriend / boyfriend? Are your parents divorced?). Politics Avoid asking the user about their political affiliations Religion Avoid asking the user about their religious views Finances Avoid talking about money or personal financial questions Be Patient and Polite Since Students come from different backgrounds and have different language levels, it is important to be patient and polite and help them through their language learning difficulties. Encourage them! Do not discourage them.

Use positive reinforcement Encourage students through praise Do not berate, yell or insult students Do not tell them they are dumb or insult their current level of language ability Do not use rude or foul language Teach using respectful language and professional courtesy Do not lose your temper with a student If you are not sure that you will be able to handle a situation with composure, contact Support ( or suggest that the student contact Support to resolve the issue. Provide Professional Service Teachers must take the initiative in communicating with and managing users. Professionalism includes:

Responsiveness Be prompt in replying to user questions and sessions requests. Responsibility and Reliability Maintain your calendar to accurately reflect the times you can be available for lessons. Class cancellations are not acceptable.

Respect for Student Privacy We record all Classes to ensure the safety of our students and quality of our teachers. Recording audio or video of students outside of the class time is prohibited. It is a violation of privacy to publicly post or share in any manner a recording of another person without that person’s written permission. Sharing of recorded videos outside of the company is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Initiate Classes on Time Teachers should always initiate contact with students, particularly if it is a first time student. The Teacher’s camera and audio should always be turned off until the student has arrived. This part of the class is recorded and the Teacher’s conduct should be exemplary.

End Sessions on Time Teachers should politely let users understand that their Classes are ending by reminding them that their Class will be coming to a close 5 minutes before the Class ends. You can always politely tell the student you need to prepare for an upcoming Class with another student.

Actively manage Your Profile Regularly check in to answer messages, adjust your time availability schedule. Teach your language Users are paying you to teach them a new language. Do not use this time to practice the student’s native language.

We care about the safety of our teachers. Please note that you are not obligated to teach: Students who go to the restroom and take their device with them Students who use hate speech, violence, threads, or profanity Adults Multiple students in one class, unless it is specifically a group class

If one of the above occurs, you may leave the classroom. Please leave a message for the user and contact support. Please send us a note to if you are concerned about the behavior of one of your students or parents.

On occasion, a student may write or use an inappropriate word during a lesson. If a student writes something in appropriate, discontinue access to the whiteboard. Use one of the following statements, using your judgment as to the most appropriate considering age and level of English: Let’s get back to the lesson. For the rest of the lesson, we won’t be using the whiteboard. Let’s work on words about ____ (topic). We’re here to learn English. On the next page…. That is an inappropriate word. Let’s get back to words about _____ (topic). Teaching Guidelines The “Teaching Guidelines” serve as set of policies that Online Teachers are required to follow.

Communication outside of the Service

You should never communicate with a parent or student outside of the Services. If the parent contacts you asking to communicate with them via your personal email or other means of communication, please forward the message to immediately. You may not request to meet the student or parent outside of the Services. All scheduling, cancellation, rescheduling or other questions should be directed to the Company. Special requests, such as extra class time, are not allowed and should be directed to Support. Do not suggest a change of subscription plan for a user. Evaluation forms should not be used as a method of communicating with parents.

Violence and Threats

Safety is our top priority. You are prohibited from any acts of violence or threats to the user or other teachers. We remove content when we perceive a genuine risk of physical harm, or a direct threat to public safety. You may not credibly threaten others, or organize acts of real-world violence. We do not allow promoting, planning or celebrating any of your actions if they have, or could, result in financial harm to others, including theft and vandalism.


We take threats of self-harm very seriously. You may not promote self-harm to the community. We remove any promotion or encouragement of self-mutilation, eating disorders or substance abuse. If you see evidence of self-harm from a Student during class do not address it yourself. Notify immediately. Bullying and Harassment

We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow users to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but take action on all reports of abusive behavior directed at users, teachers, or individuals. Repeatedly targeting other users with unwanted friend requests or messages is a form of harassment. If you feel you are being harassed, you can take action by emailing

Hate Speech

We do not permit hate speech. We do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

Nudity and Pornography

We have a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose strict restrictions on the display of nudity. Under no circumstances should a teacher refer to sexual content or questions with a user. If a student or parent becomes nude or there is any sexual content happening from the user during a class, end class immediately and contact admin immediately. Political or Religious Discussions

We do not permit discussions and/or graphics relating to political or religious events or groups.

Intellectual Property

Before sharing content on the Service or with other teachers, please be sure you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.

Phishing and Spam

We take the safety of our Online Teachers and users seriously and work to prevent attempts to compromise their privacy or security, including those that use fraud or deception. We also require that you respect other teachers and users by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent. In addition, do not make posts or comments that are solely for commercial purposes since this detracts from, and does not add anything of value to the language-learning community.

Online Teacher Community

The website and Online Teacher Community (“Community”) are for language learning and respectful cultural exchange. Please be sure that your contributions to the community are constructive and relevant to these topics. You are required to read the following about uses of the community that are unacceptable and subject to being blocked or banned.

The list below is not exhaustive but representative of guidelines for participating in the teacher Community. You may not:

Ask inappropriate questions or send inappropriate messages i.e. "Are you married?" "Do you have any photos of yourself?" Use the Service as a dating site. Send dating and love messages. i.e. "Will you be my girlfriend?" "You are very beautiful"

Send spam

i.e. "My company is selling... please buy!" Post your personal contact information (email, phone, etc.) publicly on the site (in comments, groups, answers, notebook entries, etc).

Disrespect fellow members (either on the Service, Zoom, or any other communication tool you might use) or disrespect their wishes when it comes to choosing audio, video format, or being recorded. Post naked, semi-nude, suggestive, or scantily clad photos of yourself or anyone else Post discussions relating to political or religious events or groups. We want to keep the Service focused on language learning and respectful cultural exchange.

Please help us maintain a positive language-learning environment. DO NOT engage in spamming, disrespectful language, obscenities, or theft of personal information.

We take any misconduct very seriously. Any user that is in violation of our policies will be removed from the community.

Provide accurate and respectful feedback We provide a feedback and rating system as a means through which Users can express their opinions publicly, and we do not monitor, censor, or investigate these opinions unless they are brought to the attention of Customer Support. This may include a User providing a rating of a teacher’s class. If a particular User’s feedback counts as abuse of the system, it should be reported to

We also require that teachers provide feedback to students as an evaluation of the class. This evaluation should not violate the Code of Conduct. For example, refrain from insults, berating students, or inappropriate language.

Complete the Teacher registration process, providing true, accurate, complete information Update your information to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy and completeness. From time to time, your Account may be subject to verification as well as editorial and feedback reviews. We can suspend or terminate your Account upon the discovery that any information you provided or posted is not complete or accurate, or as a result of other violations of the Terms.

Guidelines for Providing your Services You agree to utilize the following guidelines:

Once you have received a teaching request, use the Services to manage the request and to maintain an electronic record of all written communication between you and the Student. In the event that the Student or User has contacted you outside of the Services transcribe any outside emails, instant messages, telephone or in-person conversations between you and the User to maintain a record of the communication. In the event of a dispute, all written communication on the Service will serve as the statement of record. Inform the Company of your availability If you are unable to complete a session, alert Customer Service so that we are aware of the situation and can offer assistance to the Student. Respond promptly, within 1 business day, to all session-related communication, whether from the Student, User, or from Us.

Maintain a record of all invoices and payments Report any rating system violation by contacting Customer Service. Report any students violating policy by contacting Customer Service. After the Class is completed, leave objective, balanced feedback. Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension or termination of your Account. If you are found or suspected to be cooperating with another site user who is violating Company or legal policies, then this will affect your account as well. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts suspected of illegal and/or suspicious behavior. If you are aware of a potential violation, please contact Customer Service to report it.

Do not take students off of the Service or accept payment outside of the Service We do not tolerate Online Teachers trying to take our students off of the Service or accepting payments outside of the Service. Advertising lessons outside of the Service or avoiding the scheduling and payment systems may be grounds for your Account being suspended or deactivated. We may refuse payment, and you may lose access to your Class and teaching history.

If a user contacts you asking about Class outside of the Service, please remind the user that Class must be scheduled and paid for through the Service, and report the student to the Company by writing to Customer Support at

Do not promote competing language services We understand and accepts that Online Teachers may not teach exclusively on our Service and may work full or part time at other language training companies.

However, when teaching on the Service, Online Teachers are not allowed to promote or represent these other companies. No logos of other language companies may ever be displayed during class whether on attire, materials, or in the background. If you are promoting another company, particularly a competing company, this will lead to your account being deactivated, forfeiture of your earned invoices, and deletion of your history. You are forbidden from using Company materials, including Lesson Plans, outside of the Service.