Blue Socks? Red Socks?

Suzanne Barchers, EdD

It’s a familiar story—everyone needs mom or dad’s attention, just when it’s time to get out the door for preschool, work, or errands. And your three-year-old can’t find her favorite pair of socks and is heading into a...

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Lingokids Family of the Month

We love hearing about Lingokids families! Rachel and her 3 children are from Zimbabwe and they've shared their story with us!

“I’ve 3 kids. Bez is 5, Maruva is 4 and Susanna is 1. We love playtime, Lingokids time and going out together. Bez is a...

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Practicing at Home: Hello Song

The Lingokids app is full of fun ways to practice English with your child. Has your child learned to introduce themselves? It's a simple as...hello, hello!

Listen to the Hello song and follow the lyrics below to practice with your child....

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