Let´s Hit Play! Relax Your Children with Music

On occasions, our sons and daughters are so full of energy that they don’t know how to stop. Sports and physical activity, in general, can often be a big help to “wear out” our children, but sometimes we find that these activities are not always...

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Benefits of Yoga for Children

We know that extracurricular activities are good for the development of the little ones. The most frequent activities for children are usually gymnastics, soccer, basketball and martial arts such as karate. Although it is not a very common...

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Games for children to improve their memory

Memory, as with almost everything, is a skill that we can both improve and use throughout our whole lives. However, it’s also true that this is easier during our childhood years. For this reason and if we were able to maximize a child’s memory...

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You And Your Children Will Love These Funny Jokes

What child doesn’t like to tell jokes? Nearly all children love to tell jokes. Jokes for children are easy to remember, easy to tell and for most children, simple to learn to try and get their parents or friends to laugh.

Telling jokes is like a...

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Who said that children do not like the theatre?

The theatre is an ideal activity for children, both taking them to see a show or encouraging them to take part. To see and to take part in the theatre involves creativity, fantasy, fun, laughs, teamwork, to see things from another perspective and...

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