Self esteem in children

Healthy Self-Esteem in Children

Self-esteem can be defined as a person’s appraisal of his or her own value, or, to be more direct, is the way a person feels about themselves. Self-esteem starts to develop since the early childhood, from the time that babies learn how to crawl,...

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How to sleep a baby

How to get a baby to sleep all night

Being parents is a unique and rewarding experience. There’s nothing comparable to holding your baby, feeding him or her, and watching them grow safe and sound. However, life as a parent is also a constant learning and effort to help their children...

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Childhood obesity

How to Determine and Treat Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious issues nowadays. As the world changes and develops, family routines and nutritional habits vary. Sometimes these variations occur in ways that are not that healthy. Parents are working more hours a week...

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Best pets for kids

Best Pets for Kids

A pet can be a great addition to the family. Also, it can be a rewarding experience in the long run. Most children love animals, enjoy playing with them and taking care of them.

Little ones as young as 4 years old start asking their parents for a...

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Celebrity Baby Names to Get Inspired

Some go for a more unusual choice, while others pick the almost forgotten classic. The truth is that celebrities are known for picking the most interesting names for their babies. Year after year, as more new celebs arise and start forming their...

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How to get rid of lice: treatment and prevention

Head lice infestations are very common in children, especially when they are of school age. Children tend to play close together, which makes the transmission of these insects easier. However, this is an issue that doesn’t discriminate, and it...

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Group Games for Children

What child doesn’t like to play? This is something all children love, they like to have fun and spend hours and hours playing. When they are little, a great percentage of their life they spend it playing, but not just as a way of entertainment but...

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Games for Preschool Children

It is not always easy to motivate children to improve and enhance certain skills. In a society where technology has taken over, it is not surprising to see children searching for an electronic device before anything else. Children will often...

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Baby Photo Albums

One of our favorite memories of our children are their baby photos, not just because they grow so fast, but they are the only ways to remember how they arrived in our worlds. Even after just a couple of weeks, they change very rapidly, so photos...

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