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6 Tips for Raising a Bilingual Family in the New Year

family learning

The holidays are the perfect time to start thinking about setting some goals for the upcoming year. Parents who wish to raise bilingual kids can face some issues during the process, however, there’s no need to panic. Here you'll find a few tips...

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10 Best Food Books for Kids to Learn English

food books

As many says, good books are food for thought, especially for young English learners who are starting to get to know the language. Young children tend to find engaging those books for kids with beautiful illustrations and an interesting...

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Live video as educational technology

Girl looking at videos - Videos for kids

Today is well known that children love watching videos on different channels, both for entertainment and online learning, and their thirst for media continues to grow. Contrary to what you may have thought, children, are especially drawn to...

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Learn English through stories


There’s no doubt that children love watching cartoons on TV and playing with them on learning apps, they transcend cultures and children easily recognize some of their favorites from their native language. This is the main reason why we...

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Great educational apps for kids

Family and Tech

We live in a new era of communication and innovation, and learning is not exempt from that. Today there are several online resources to help kids through their learning process, one of those are apps. There is a myriad of educational apps...

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Turn room cleaning into fun and games for your child

kids chores fun games

There are only so many personal skills we want to teach our children while they are young. Certainly one of the most important ones is to be clean and organized. Now, as we swear by a natural way of learning English, we want to use all the...

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Motivate your kids with back to school songs!

back to school songs

Summer is almost over and the idea of going back to school can be quite sad for some children. Leaving home, being in a new environment with new people, studying... For those who go to the school for the first time (and those who still have some...

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Birthday party ideas: Pinata & Treasure Hunt

Rsz Shutterstock 547971985 3

Birthday is that one very special day when we can spend hours and hours playing games and running around with our friends. We all remember very well anticipating ours every year. Generations may change but the excitement around the birthday will...

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Fun games to teach kids personal hygiene

hygiene in english for kids

Kids should be taught about personal hygiene at their youngest age . There is a Czech proverb that says: ''Cleanliness is half your health''. Well, let's raise children that are healthy and bilingual too!

Bathroom vocabulary:

Towel - Bathroom vocabularyTowel

Toothbrush - Bathroom vocabularyToothbrush

Sponge - Bathroom vocabulary...

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Games for Kids: Hide and seek & Simon Says

english learning games for kids

No matter if it's summer or winter, if you want to make your child eat their soup or the daily portion of veggies or if you want them to learn English, the best way without a doubt is to do it through games. Below we have listed some of the...

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