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Games for Kids: Hide and seek & Simon Says

english learning games for kids

No matter if it's summer or winter, if you want to make your child eat their soup or the daily portion of veggies or if you want them to learn English, the best way without a doubt is to do it through games. Below we have listed some of the English game classics:

1. Hide and Seek 🙊 - One of the players has to cover the eyes while the rest of the players find places to hide. The "seeker" then opens the eyes and starts looking for the players. The first player to be discovered is the next "seeker".

2. Simon Says 🐵 - Choose one player who will be Simon and will call out actions starting with the phrase “Simon says” (“Simon says..touch your toes”). The players have to do what Simon told them to. However, if Simon calls out an action without the phrase “Simon says”, then the players must not do the action. The last player left in the game wins and becomes Simon.

3. Freeze Dance 🐒 - Choose some of your child’s favorite music and turn up the volume. Ask them to sing along and dance to the beat until the music stops. When it stops, they have to freeze in whatever you call out - be it an animal, shape, or a letter.

4. Educational Apps 🐵  - You can always use a little help from technology. Download an English learning app for kids such as Lingokids and get ready for some serious fun! You can play hide and seek in the forest or in the snow, you can cook with Eliot, the panda bear and enjoy many other fun activities.

Go have all the fun in the world!

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4 fun car games for Kids

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Travelling to your summer vacation destination doesn’t have to be annoying and boring at all. Instead you can turn it into an opportunity for learning English for your kid. Here are 4 ideas to make it more fun:

1. Count the cars - This is a great way to learn to count in English. Making a rule to only count cars in certain color will help your kid learn English colors too. For example - take only red cars and stop counting once you have counted 10.
Bonus tip: Make it a competition - whoever finishes counting first gets the extra candy that we know you have!

2. Cloud shapes - You definitely did this when you were a kid (and probably even now, admit it!). Stare out the windows and let yourselves be creative and have your kid learn English shapes. Don’t limit yourself to basic shapes, try animals and any other objects that you know too.

3. Family members - If you’re on your way to visit family, it is the perfect opportunity to learn the English names for family members. You will find just the perfect English game for kids for that purpose on Lingokids app (Works offline too!)

4. Name the fruit - kids learn English best when you teach them about things they see in everyday life. Take out the bag with fruits and get your kid to name each one.

Have a great trip!

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