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How to Encourage English Conversation for Kids

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Every child starts speaking a language at a different time. It all depends on how shy or afraid of making a mistake they are. What you should do as a parent is to encourage and help them them every day to improve their language skills, which will increase their confidence (no judging their mistakes allowed!). There are only so many ways to motivate your child to speak English at home. Here we give you a few foolproof tips:

1. Play and do crafts in English - Kids love to play and get messy - that's a fact. What is a better way for kids to start a conversation in English than doing their favourite activities? We have previously mentioned some classic English learning games for kids , and we're sure you are going to have the time of your life playing them. Apart from the games, try doing crafts . Get all messy and sticky while creating beautiful decorations. Speak to your child in English: ''Pass me the glue, please.'', ''Thank you!''. Try adding more and more short phrases over time.

2. Read bedtime stories in English - Before going to sleep, read stories in English to your little one. Try reading some that they already know in your native language - that way they will recognise and learn the words of the story easier and faster.

3. Expose them to native speakers - Starting to pronounce English words the right way is an essential thing to learn at the youngest age. That's why exposing your child to native English speakers is a must!  Lingokids live  offers online English classes for children with native English speakers. It is way more fun than any traditional English kids academy. Developing spoken English for kids is one of the most important skills to help them interact with other people around the world. Lingokids live also offers an opportunity for group classes with kids around the world which is a great way for your child to make friends and communicate in English with them. Give it a try today and book your class here  (First class is free!).

The most important thing to remember is that every child learns and decides to speak at their own pace. Be patient and continue encouraging them every day!

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5 Activities to Encourage Reading English Words for Kids

mother reading english words for kids

Learning to read can be a daunting task for young children, especially in a language different from the native. As a parent you can help your children overcome this obstacle by doing activities as a family. In this article we're going to give you some ideas on how to teach a child to read in English.

1. Cook as a family - What is your child’s favorite dish? Cook the meal as a family, and take turns reading aloud the recipe in English and mixing ingredients. If your children cannot understand the words, let them search for the numbers in the measurements first.

2.  Compare books and films - Is there a movie coming out that your child really wants to see? If possible, find the book version of the film and read it first as a family. Then, go see the movie in English.

3. Grocery store list - Transform weekly chores into adventures! Kids learn English best if some of the words they learn include everyday objects (like the cookies they love or their favorite fruit). Make an English version of your typical shopping list. Decorate it together to make it more fun and colorful. Then head to the grocery store and let your little one help you do the weekly shopping while having fun!

4. Play with educational apps - Educational apps such as Lingokids are a great way to introduce reading readiness games in a playful atmosphere. After your child plays a lesson, check out the Additional Material to find even more learning fun for the whole family!

5. Make bookmarks - Make bookmarks as a family, and let yourselves be creative. After you children spend time making their bookmarks, they’ll be thrilled to show them off while reading. Check out these awesome ideas for bookmark-making.

Let us know which trick worked best for your little one! ☺️

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