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7 Tips to Learn the Shapes in English for Children

shapes in english for kids

1. Cookies with shapes 🍪  - Cooking with your children is probably your favorite type of mess in the kitchen! Get the cookie dough ready and make cookies in all different shapes. As you make a cookie in certain shape, repeat the shape's name. Who doesn't love learning while making sweets?

2. Shape sort 🔵  - Make big shapes (circle, square, triangle and rectangle) on the carpet with a duct tape. Take a box and put various items from the house with those shapes and have your child sort them in the corresponding shapes on the floor.

3. Fishing for shapes 🐠  - Cut out fish forms from colorful paper and draw different shapes on them. Take a stick tie a string on it and in the string tie a piece of magnet and have your little ones start ''fishing''. When they get a fish they should say the shape that's on it.

4. Educational app 📱 - Download an app that has many games to learn English. Lingokids is the perfect app for preschool children learning English. There is a topic 

5. Books 📚  - There are many books that would help your child learn the shapes. Some of our favorites include: ''Color Zoo'' by Lois Ehlert, ''Shapes, Shapes, Shapes'' by Tana Hoban, ''Circus Shapes'' by Stuart J. Murphy and Edward Miller. We have previously shared some tips about how to teach a child to read in English, so these books are the perfect excuse to work on the reading skills too.

6. Walk on shapes 🔺 - Draw big shapes on a big art paper and tape it to the floor. Get your child to walk from the beginning to the end only stepping on a particular shape.

7. Cloud shapes ☁ - It's summer and we love spending time outdoors. While resting from running around, look at the clouds and let your child say what shapes do the clouds have.

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Fun games to teach kids personal hygiene

hygiene in english for kids

Kids should be taught about personal hygiene at their youngest age 🛁 . There is a Czech proverb that says: ''Cleanliness is half your health''. Well let's raise children that are healthy and bilingual too!

1. Songs - There are many fun English songs for kids about this topic. ''Brush my teeth'' is our personal favourite - it's educational and fun and it will motivate your little ones to build a healthy routine.

2. Glitter hands - Sure, kids wash their hands but mostly they just rinse their hands under the water. ''Glitter hands'' is the perfect activity to engage in an English conversation for kids. Teach them about how germs stay on your hands if you don't wash them well (do it in English). Pour some glitter on their hands, take the soap and show them how to wash their hands well (have in mind that it will take about 30 seconds to scrub the glitter off their hands).

3. Hygiene charade - Think of an action for hygiene such as ''taking a shower'', ''brushing my teeth'' or ''brushing my hair''. Act them out for your kids and have them guess what's the action. Change roles after they have taken a guess. To learn more vocabulary (a toothbrush, a soap, etc.), after they have taken a guess, ask them ''What do you brush your teeth with?'' or ''What do you wash your hands with?''. You will have a lot of fun!

4. Hygiene puzzles - Cut pieces of paper in little square shapes and have one group that has activities written on them (washing hands, brushing teeth...) and on the other pieces write down the items you need in order to do those actions (a soap, a toothbrush...). Draw pictures on them to make it easier and clearer and have your little one match the object to the action.

5. Educational apps - In the English learning app for kids -  Lingokids , there is an entire topic full of activities (games and songs) for your child to learn all the vocabulary about hygiene in English.

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4 best activities for kids to play on the beach

beach activities to learn english for kids

Recently we were talking about ESL games and activities to keep your children entertained when travelling while also picking up a new language. This time we have 4 English learning activities for your beach vacation! 🌞

1. Build a sandcastle - nothing ever beats this classic. Even though it almost never comes as a real success from the first try, your kids and you will have so much fun trying it over and over again. Along the way make up a story about a family of animals who will live in the castle. It's a fun and creative way to have your kids learn English if you use the English names of the animals.

2. Trace the letter - A perfect way for your child to learn the letters is by tracing their shape. Download Lingokids and do the traceable exercises every day before you start practicing writing in the sand. They will find writing their own name extremely entertaining!

3. Beach tag - This classic is even more entertaining on the beach, as the sand makes us slip and fall. Have some laughs running around and name the person who is ''it'' a shark, octopus or any other sea animal and learn the animal names in English.

4. Aim game - There are never enough games for learning the numbers and shapes in English, and every one of them is as equally entertaining as it is educational. This one requires you to draw different shapes in the sand and put numbers inside. Have your little ones aim for particular shapes and score points.

Have lots of fun in the sun! 😎

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