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7 Tips to Learn the Shapes in English for Children

shapes in english for kids

1. Cookies with shapes 🍪  - Cooking with your children is probably your favorite type of mess in the kitchen! Get the cookie dough ready and make cookies in all different shapes. As you make a cookie in certain shape, repeat the shape's name. Who doesn't love learning while making sweets?

2. Shape sort 🔵  - Make big shapes (circle, square, triangle and rectangle) on the carpet with a duct tape. Take a box and put various items from the house with those shapes and have your child sort them in the corresponding shapes on the floor.

3. Fishing for shapes 🐠  - Cut out fish forms from colorful paper and draw different shapes on them. Take a stick tie a string on it and in the string tie a piece of magnet and have your little ones start ''fishing''. When they get a fish they should say the shape that's on it.

4. Educational app 📱 - Download an app that has many games to learn English. Lingokids is the perfect app for preschool children learning English. There is a topic 

5. Books 📚  - There are many books that would help your child learn the shapes. Some of our favorites include: ''Color Zoo'' by Lois Ehlert, ''Shapes, Shapes, Shapes'' by Tana Hoban, ''Circus Shapes'' by Stuart J. Murphy and Edward Miller. We have previously shared some tips about how to teach a child to read in English, so these books are the perfect excuse to work on the reading skills too.

6. Walk on shapes 🔺 - Draw big shapes on a big art paper and tape it to the floor. Get your child to walk from the beginning to the end only stepping on a particular shape.

7. Cloud shapes ☁ - It's summer and we love spending time outdoors. While resting from running around, look at the clouds and let your child say what shapes do the clouds have.

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4 Tips to Learn the Colours in English for Kids

colours in english for kids

When a child starts speaking in their native language, the names of the colours are one of the first (if not the first) words we introduce them to. We want our daughter to tell us what colour is her dress today 👗 , or we want to know what are the colours on our little boy's shirt👕 . Following the same pattern, when teaching a second language to our children, it is important to put the ''Colours'' topic among the first things they learn. Read through our tips and start having fun!

1. I spy 👁  - Put a little twist on one of the most popular English games for kids. Instead of asking your little one to find an object that starts with a certain letter, say ''I spy with my little eye something blue''. Have them guessing which object from the room you have in mind.

2. Colouring books 🎨  - An obvious one here. There are so many different types of colouring books or colouring worksheets that you can choose from, based on what you thing your child would learn the most from. We think the descriptive colouring books that have a little story are the best ones. Here you can find printables about colors from Lingokids .

3. Songs 🎼  - Turn up the volume! You can find many English songs for kids about colours, but make sure to include ''Cowy's Color Song'' in your playlist - it's our personal favourite!

4. Educational apps 📱 - We're pretty sure that educational apps that contain tons of games will be your child's favourite way of learning about colours in English. In Lingokids , under the topic ''Colors'' you will find many games that are easy, fun and most importantly educational.

Have fun and let us know if you have any other tip that works for your child! 🌈

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