Benefits of Yoga for Children

We know that extracurricular activities are good for the development of the little ones. The most frequent activities for children are usually gymnastics, soccer, basketball and martial arts such as karate. Although it is not a very common exercise for extracurricular activities, yoga can be a great choice.

For years, yoga has been in and has gained many followers because of the great benefits it brings to the body and the mind of an adult. Why not try yoga for children?

Besides being a fun exercise method, stimulating and able to help others relax, they also improve their concentration. Yoga for children brings many benefits, among them, yoga helps to correct bad postures that can cause back problems and strengthen. From 3 or 4 years old, children can do yoga and develop their senses and movement.

So, what are the direct benefits of yoga in children?

  • Entertainment

Children from 3 or 4 years old can already start doing yoga. These yoga classes mostly consist of games that help their mobility in a fun way in which they can learn to control their body. With the use of dances, stories and other types of games, children will participate in the most fun yoga postures and movements.

  • Meditation

Teaching the little ones to meditate is possible. It does not consist in teaching them to meditate on existential issues but to help them through meditation to get rid of stress or nerves that children can have throughout the day. Even meditation can help to channel aggression and violence, and with this to avoid that children have problems in school.

  • Relaxation

Yoga helps children relax. Above all, at ages where they are learning and discovering new things, there is a situation of stress and nerves in the little ones. Through the different exercises, children can download their energy and get relax. For the more hyperactive, yoga is also a good option, except medical contraindication. By doing aerobic exercises, it will help the children to get tired and be calmer during the day.

  • Postural improvements

Yoga consists of making postures with our body, leading to improving both muscular and articular. Children spend a lot of time sitting at school, doing homework or even in front of the television or computer screen. Therefore, yoga is a good option for them to improve their postures when sitting and even help prevent future injuries and problems caused, for example, by carrying the backpack on his back.

  • Flexibility and resistance

This sport consists of exercises that are aerobic, which will help improve the resistance of our children. Many of them perform sports such as soccer and basketball in extracurricular activities. Yoga is compatible with these exercises because improving their resistance will improve their performance in these sports. In addition, the practice and testing of different yoga postures will increase flexibility, which will allow them to perform more demanding and controlled movements.

Some yoga postures we can perform with the little ones while we have fun together

  • The mountain: Tadasana

- To start, both of you will have to stand up to the point of standing right, with your feet together and with your back straight.
- To help you, you need to stretch your neck and breathe deeply.
- Move the toes, lift them and separate them to strengthen the legs.
- Put the hands together at chest level as if you were praying, then raise them over your head.
- Lower your hands again and leave them on the sides of your body, breathe and say: I am tall as a mountain and my feet are firmly on the ground.

Yoga for Kids

  • Tree: Vrkasana

- Start from the final position of yoga, the mountain, and place the plant on the right foot on the left thigh until finding balance.
- Join the palms of the hands on the chest and then take them up as if they were branches.
- Breathe deeply and say: "I am stable and able to bear storms"
- Do the same procedure with the other leg.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a very positive discipline for everyone. Many of the yoga poses are easy, simple and can become a fun exercise routine that both children and adults can enjoy.

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