Everything You Need to Know About Word Search for Children

Nowadays, technology is everywhere and it is complicated to find something different to motivate children, for example, some of the most traditional hobbies like word search. That’s because tablets, phones, video games or TV can become obstacles really hard to overcome.

However, instead of complaining and trying to fight against these new gadgets, why not incorporate games like word search to their current environment? You can try making of word search something more than just a game in paper about looking for words without an apparent order.

Do we know what Word Search is?

Word search is a hobby in which you have to find a list of hidden words in a group of letters written in a paper. This game can have a different sizes, and usually it has specific words to find. These characteristics determine the difficulty of the game, which influences on the time it takes to solve it.

Types of Word Search for children

Although this pastime can be quite extensive, there are some types of word searches that can be easily identified. This way you can choose the most appropriate one for your child.

Thematic Word Search

These are, without a doubt, the most common of all. The words are about a specific subject. These subjects can be nature, history, biology, mathematics or sports. There are no limits here and these can be used to familiarize the child with some concepts they usually get to see in class and that they might need to improve.

Self-defined Word Search

Word search is characterized for having endless possibilities and this is one of those cases. When looking for words isn’t enough, you can increase the difficulty through this simple system. All that you have to do is add a list of definitions instead of words. These definitions will lead the player to words to look for in the game.

This stimulates the mind, since the child will have a double task to do: find the word that fits the definition, and then find that same word in the game. But, just like the other types of word search, all the words are about the same topic, that way it gives an orientation to help the little one determine the types of words he or she is looking for.

What are the benefits of Word Search?

There are some very important benefits for children that can be discussed when talking about word search games:

They expand their vocabulary. This is something evident. Reading and looking for words in the game will allow the child to learn new concepts. These words, with time, will probably be used in sentences.

They improve verbal expression. This is a consequence of the previous benefit. Something very common in self-defined word searches. The fact of having to find a word to fit a definition will make them use other resources, helping them improve their language skills as a whole.

How to adapt them to their reality?

This aspect can be very easy with the correct tools. Something that characterizes new technologies is the ability to absorb everything and make it their own. So, it’s quite probable that you can find different apps for phones and personal computers where children can play word search over and over again. This will allow children to learn with them as they have a fun, relaxing time.

It’s also possible that the digital version of this pastime might have an option to add more players. This way, children won’t see it as something they have to do alone. Sometimes, a little bit of healthy competitiveness can be a good motivator for children’s education. Now there are no excuses to think that traditional hobbies and new technologies are enemies. At the end, it is all about mixing them together. Overall it is very complicated to keep a child focused on a piece of paper, so it’s useful to find a twist to this. It is not better or worse. Simply they live in a totally different time from the one we had one quarter of century ago. An environment they don’t know very well, and that parents can introduce and bring closer to them.