Water games for children

Now that summer has arrived, children spend a lot of time playing especially when they are on vacations and now that there’s good weather to go to the park or the swimming pool. More than half of the time during summer, they spend it playing and enjoying with friends and familiars but overall what they like the most is being able to go to the swimming pool or beach. During summer, temperatures are very high and children need to get wet and hydrate to stand high temperatures, but not everyone has the luck of having the beach or a swimming pool so they have to think of other ways of playing with water during the summer

The best water games for summer

Despite that not every day, we can go to the beach or swimming pool, there are different games that will help our child have fun in summer, but overall to cool off and finish with the heat. These are some of the best water games:

  • The water scarf game

This game is the classic scarf game, but with a refreshing difference. In this original game, there is a person with a scarf in the middle and there are two rows of children, each of them on a side. To each child of the row, a number will be assigned from one to ten, then when each child of the row hears their number, they will have to run to the scarf trying to get there before the other child of the other row. In this case, the game is the same, but in the middle, there is not a scarf but a person holding a bucket full of water balloons. They have to get to the middle before the other person does, then take a water balloon and throwing it to their opponent, each impact will give them points and the row that more balloons throws, wins the game.

  • The refreshing pinata

Children love pinatas . This game is very traditional and typical for birthdays and celebrations. To do this refreshing version of this game, we will need balloons, waterproof toys, and the candy and fill them with water. To make this game more exciting, we can fill just some of the balloons, that way children will break balloons to find a surprise and it will be even more refreshing. To find the surprises they will have to get wet!

  • Water cups race

We need 4 recipients and two plastic cups. We have to put two empty recipients on one side, and the other two recipients full of water on the other side. To play this game you will need at least two players. Children will have to take water with a plastic cup from the full recipient and take it to the empty recipient. The main rule of this game is that they have to take the full cups of water using their head. The person who takes more water to the empty recipient will be the winner of the race.

  • Basketballoon

Just by its name, you can imagine what this game is all about. The idea is to play basketball with water balloons. For this you will need a bucket and depending on the high of the children or the difficulty you want, you can put the bucket on a chair or a table. It is a very fun game and they will feel refresh while playing their favorite sport.

  • Slippery floor

This is a very fun and refreshing game, besides we only need a wide and tough plastic to cover our grass. On the plastic, we will throw water and If we want it to be more slippery, we can put a bit of soap. This game will be one of their favorites since they will also feel the adrenaline when they are sliding through the garden. It is recommended that there’s an adult supervising this game to avoid children from hurting when they are sliding.

These are some ideas to keep entertained your child this summer. Water is the best way to stand the high temperatures and much more If we have fun. Let’s have fun!

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