Water Balloons Games for Children

Summer has arrived and during these days children enjoy their holidays and their friends. This is the favorite season of children because on top of having more free time, they can travel go to the beach and enjoy the swimming pool. Water is one of the children’s favorite way of playing and enjoying summer. It doesn’t just help them to have fun, but it is also a good way to refresh during the summer, because the high temperatures make it hard to spend a lot of time playing in the sun and it can also be dangerous If they suffer heat exhaustion If they are exposed to the sun a lot of hours. To have fun, summer gives many game options outdoors some of them are perfect to do them using water.

Best water balloon games

There are many games we can play during the summer and these are some of the games we can play with water balloons this summer:

  • Dodgeball

This is one of the most traditional and fun games. The original version of this game consists on creating two teams. These two teams have a ball and have to throw it to each other trying to hit the opposite team. The version using water balloons of this game doesn’t change the rules of the original game. The two teams will each of them have a bucket full of water balloons and they have to throw the balloons at the opposite team. The team that has more dry players will be the winner. However, with the heat, all children will want to be eliminated.

  • Bomb!

This game is fun and it is a countdown game, which makes it even more exciting. The rules are the following: a child has to go to the middle while the rest create a circle around them. The child who is in the middle will have to start to count, and when they get to 10 they will have to extender their right arm, when they get to 20 they have to extender their left arm and the same when they get to 30 and 40. Once they get to 50, the child has to clap and say bomb!. While the child in the middle counts to 50 the rest have to pass the water balloon, the child who has the water balloon in the “bomb!” moment will lose and will have to go to the middle to start to count. Also, If the balloon falls to the ground or explodes, the person whose fault it will be eliminated.

  • Water tunnel

To play this game we need two rows, one in front of the other. The two rows have to be at least 5 meters one from the other. Once the rows are done we have to give a balloon to each child of both rows and choose someone to be the person who has to go through both rows while they throw the balloons. The person who gets less wet after walking through that tunnel will win the game.

  • Forehead with forehead

This game is fun and it is in pairs which will help to improve their teamwork. Each pair will have to put a water balloon in their forehead and the forehead of their partner. The pairs have to walk together, without letting the water balloon fall, the pair who first gets to the finish line wins. The main rule is that children only can use their hands to put the balloon before starting the race, once they start they cannot touch the balloon or they will be eliminated. It is a fun game because it is hard to play with the balloon without exploding, this will make the pair who wants to win get wet.

These are the funniest games with water balloons, most of them, are done in team which will make it even better fun and will help children improve their social relationships. This summer we will play the most refreshing games and water balloons will be the main characters.

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