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Learn vegetable names in English

vegetables name in english

During the early stages of childhood, it is important for kids to have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables for healthy development. If you have a child, you’ve already heard the questions they ask when they see their food: What are they eating and why is it that color. So what better way to learn English than while they eat their greens. The following are a list of simple and fun things you can do at home with your kid for them to learn the names of vegetables in English

Vegetables name in English: 

Carrot - Vegetables nameCarrot

names vegetables in englishBroccoli 

Asparagus - Vegetables nameAsparagus

names vegetables in englishCauliflower 

names vegetables in englishCorn 

names vegetables in englishCucumber 

names vegetables in englishEggplant

names vegetables in englishGreen pepper 

names vegetables in englishLettuce 

names vegetables in englishMushrooms

names vegetables in englishOnion

names vegetables in english Potato

names vegetables in englishPumpkin 

names vegetables in englishRed pepper

names vegetables in english Tomato 

Activities to learn the names of vegetables in English

-Cook together: Make something simple like a vegetable salad with a few ingredients or have your child help you make a stew. Talk about the color and the flavor of each vegetable. What’s your child’s favorite or least favorite?

-Bilingual flashcards: One of the easiest ways to learn the vegetable names in both English and your native language and make a connection between the two, is to print flash cards in both languages. Play memory cards or just simply have them match the cards by the pictures and read the names out loud.

-Make vegetables from Play-Doh: Make your own garden at home using Play-Doh. It's a fun activity kids love and we guarantee they will spend hours making and remaking the vegetables. Take toothpicks and a piece of paper and write the names the vegetables next to their place in the garden.

*Bonus vegetable idiom: ''to be as cool as a cucumber'' means to be calm.

Vegetables song:

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