Unique Baby Names

What must you consider when finding a unique name for your baby?

The amount of names to choose from for your baby is quite simply infinite. For a lot of parents, it can be very difficult to pick one, which is understandable, it’s a decision that will condition the life of your child as well as the way that others may perceive them.

For many parents, the idea is to find a name as original as possible. For other parents, although fewer and fewer, they will go with more traditional names. Either way, finding the perfect name is not easy.

In some ways, the name that our parents give to us, regardless of its origin, can condition and define our personality. It can make our lives easier or harder. It can open or close doors. It can make others perceive us as modern, or as traditional, exotic, strange, dull, etc.

Most names come with baggage, either their history or meaning, and all of these aspects must be taken into consideration when deciding upon a name for our baby. Think about it, how many times have you heard of stories about parents who have tried to register their children with absurd names, or that have an offensive meaning without realizing it. You don’t want to live through that!

To establish a few ground rules, these factors should be taken into account when deciding upon an original name for your baby:

1. Its meaning. This part is very important. Investigate and, if possible, confirm with different sources that it doesn’t have any strange meanings.

2. Your surnames. Combine the name with your surnames and see how it sounds, to make sure that it doesn’t produce something ridiculous, strange or offensive.

3. The pronunciation. It’s becoming more and more common to use names with foreign origins, but it’s very important to make sure that they are easy to pronounce, for us and for others.

Once you’ve confirmed that the name doesn’t have any strange meanings or weird sounds, the most important thing, without doubt, is that you like it! You will be given many different opinions, both positive and negative, suggestions and criticisms, but stay strong, if you like the name that you have chosen for your baby, you will make it work.

Where to find inspiration when searching for a unique name for your child?

Previously, it was common to look at religious names for babies. like Maria, Antonio, Carmen… these are names that you will have heard of because many people around you will have them.

Traditional Spanish names, for example, generally have Latin origins, although there are names from elsewhere like Germany (Alberto), from Hebrew (Noemi), from Greece (Nerea) etc. Having said that, and although some of these names are still very common, others are becoming forgotten. If you are looking for the most original name possible for your baby, you may have to look for inspiration elsewhere.

A few possible alternatives:

- Names from abroad (England, Italy, Arabic Countries, Russia, Japan etc.) These are names that are becoming more and more common. A few years ago this would have sounded strange, but it’s not difficult to find children these days with names like Kevin, John, Serguei, Paolo, etc.

-Names from films, books, or fictional characters in general. Did you know that there are more and more children with names like Arya, Daenerys, or even Goku? It just shows how much of an influence works of fiction (in this case Game of Thrones and DragonBall Z) can have on our lives. However, it is worth remembering that you may have trouble at the registry if you choose a particularly elaborate name.

Baby Boy Names:

Aaron Abel Abelard
Aberforth Abner Abraham
Acacio Ace Achilles
Adam Adelard Adelbert
Adetokunbo Adin Aditya
Adlai Adler Adley
Admon Adolph Adonis
Adrian Adriel Adyn
Aeneas Aeson Afonso
Agamemnon Agathon Agustin
Aidan Aiden Aidric
Airyck Ajax Aksel
Alan Alberic Albus
Alcaeus Alden Aldo
Aldric Alejandro Aleph
Aleron Alessio Alex
Alexander Alfie Alford
Algernon Alois Alok
Alon Aloysius Alphaeus
Altair Alwyn Amachi
Amadeus Amado Amador
Amarion Amasa Ambrose
Americo Amias Amir
Ammon Amos Andrew
Angel Angus Anouk
Anthony Anton Antonio
Archer Archie Arlo
Asher Ashernew Ashton
Atticus Aubrey August
Austin Avery Axel
Ayden Barnaby Baxter
Beau Beckett Ben
Benjamin Bennett Bentley
Billynew Blake Bodhi
Bowie Bradley Brady
Brandon Brantley Braxton
Brayden Brian Brody
Bronx Bryan Bryce
Bryson Byron Caden
Caleb Calvin Camden
Cameron Carlos Carson
Carter Casper Caspian
Charles Charlie Chase
Christian Christopher Cohennew
Cole Colin Colton
Connor Cooper Cosmo
Crosby Cullen Damian
Daniel Daniel Darcynew
David Dax Declan
Diego Dieter Dominic
Dsid Dylan Easton
Edward Eli Elias
Elijah Elliot Emil
Emmanuel Emmett Eric
Ethan Evan Everett
Ezekiel Ezra Felix
Fergus Finn Fletchernew
Flynn Fynn Gabriel
Gavin George Gideon
Giovanni Graham Grant
Granville Greyson Gunner
Gus Hamish Harrison
Harry Harvey Hayden
Henri Henry Hudson
Hugo Hunter Ian
Iker Isaac Isaiah
Isaiahnew Ivan Jace
Jack Jackson Jacob
Jagger Jake James
Jameson Jase Jason
Jasper Jaxson Jayce
Jayden Jeremiah Jeremy
Jericho Jesse Jesus
Jett Joel Jonah
Jonas Jonathan Jordan
Jörg Jose Joseph
Joshua Josiah Juan
Jude Judenew Julian
Justin Kaden Kai
Kaiden Kaidennew Kaleb
Karter Kayden Kendall
Kenneth Kevin King
Kingston Kyle Lachlan
Landon Langdon Laurant
Leo Leon Leonardo
Leopold Levi Liam
Liam Lincoln Logan
Louis Loxley Luca
Lucas Luis Luke
Maddox Magnus Maguire
Malachi Manfred Marcus
Mark Martin Mason
Mateo Matthew Maverick
Max Maximilian Maximus
Maxwell Micah Michael
Miguel Miles Monty
Moritz Morrisey Muhammad
Nate Nathan Nathaniel
Nicholas Noah Nolan
Oliver Orson Oscar
Otto Owen Parker
Patrick Paul Pax
Perry Phoenix Preston
Reed Reuben Richard
Riley Robert Roman
Rory Ryan Ryder
Ryker Saint Santiago
Sawyer Sebastian Sheldon
Silas Sinclair Sonny
Soren Spencer Steven
Theo Theodore Thomas
Timothy Tobias Toby
Tristan Tucker Tyler
Ulric Victor Vincent
Wesley Weston William
Winston Wyatt Xandernew
Xavier Zac Zachary
Zander Zane Zanenew
Zayden Zeke

Baby Girl Names

Aadhya Abby Ada
Adaline Adalyn Adalynn
Adelaide Adelyn Adelynn
Adriana Adrianna Ainsley
Aisha Alaina Alana
Alayna Aleah Aleena
Alessandra Alessia Alexandra
Alexandria Alexia Alexis
Alia Alicia Alina
Alivia Aliyah Allie
Allison Alyssa Amanda
Amara Amari Amaya
Amber Amina Amira
Amiyah Amy Ana
Anastasia Anaya Andrea
Angel Angela Angelina
Anika Aniyah Annabella
Annabelle Annie Arabella
Ari Ariah Ariel
Ariella Arielle Ashley
Ashlynn Aspen Athena
Averie Aya Ayla
Bailey Bianca Blake
Blakely Brianna Briella
Brinley Brooke Brooklynn
Brynlee Brynn Cadence
Cali Callie Cameron
Camilla Camille Carly
Cassandra Cassidy Catalina
Catherine Cecilia Celine
Charlee Charli Cheyenne
Daisy Dakota Dana
Daniela Daniella Danielle
Delaney Delilah Destiny
Diana Dylan Eden
Elaina Elianna Elisa
Elise Eliza Elle
Elliana Eloise Elsie
Ember Emerson Emersyn
Emery Emmalyn Emmie
Erin Esther Eve
Evelynn Everleigh Evie
Faith Fatima Felicity
Finley Fiona Francesca
Freya Gabriela Gabrielle
Gemma Genesis Genevieve
Georgia Gia Giselle
Gracelyn Gracelynn Gracie
Gwendolyn Hadley Haley
Hana Harley Harlow
Harmony Haven Hayden
Heaven Helena Hope
Iris Isabel Ivy
Izabella Jade Jane
Jasmine Jayla Jayleen
Jessica Joanna Jocelyn
Jolene Jordan Jordyn
Josephine Josie Journee
Journey Joy Juliana
Julianna Juliet Juliette
June Juniper Justice
Kaia Kaitlyn Kali
Kamila Kamryn Kara
Kate Katherine Katie
Kayla Kayleigh Keira
Kelsey Kendall Kendra
Kenzie Khloe Kiara
Kimberly Kinley Kira
Kyla Kylie Kyra
Laila Lainey Lana
Lara Laura Lauren
Leia Leighton Leila
Leilani Lena Lexi
Lia Lila Lilah
Liliana Lilliana Lilly
Lina Little Logan
Lola London Londyn
Lucia Lydia Lyla
Lyric Maci Mackenzie
Maddie Maddison Madeline
Madelynn Madilyn Maeve
Maggie Magnolia Maia
Makayla Makenna Makenzie
Malia Maliyah Margaret
Mariah Mariam Mariana
Marina Marley Mary
Maryam Matilda Mckenna
Mckenzie Melanie Melissa
Melody Michelle Mikayla
Millie Mira Miracle
Molly Morgan Mya
Myla Myra Nadia
Natalia Naya New
Nia Nicole Nina
Noelle Noor Norah
Nur Nyla Nylah
Olive Paige Paislee
Paris Payton Phoebe
Phoenix Presley Princess
Prisha Rachel Raegan
Raelyn Raelynn Reagan
Rebecca Reese Remi
River Rosalie Rose
Rosie Rowan Ryan
Ryleigh Rylie Saanvi
Sabrina Sage Sara
Sasha Sawyer Scarlet
Selena Serena Shanaya
Shelby Sienna Sky
Skye Skyler Sloane
Stephanie Summer Sydney
Talia Tara Tatum
Taylor Teagan Tessa
Thea Tia Trinity
Valeria Valerie Vanessa
Vera Vivian Vivienne
Winter Wren Ximena
Zahra Zainab Zara
Zariah Zoë Zuri