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Tips to learn about toys names in English

toys in english

Kids toys: List of names

Bicycle - Kids toysBicycle

Train - Kids toysTrain

Doll - Kids toysDoll

Ball - Kids toysBall

Teddy Bear - Kids toysTeddy bear

Kite - Kids toysKite

Duck - Kids toysRubber ducky

Aeroplane - Kids toysAeroplane

Crayons - Kids toysCrayons

Little horse - Kids toysLittle horse

Car - Kids ToysCar

Drums - Kids toysDrums

It's no rocket science - kids love toys! They can practically make a toy out of every object they find on their way. Let's put an educational touch on their play time and have them learn the toys names in English with these tips!

Activities to learn toys name:

1. Clean up 🐻 : Make that boring Sunday routine educational and fun. Pick up all the toys from the floor and all over the house and put them at their place. As you do, repeat the toys names in English. Check out our article about room cleaning to add some more vocabulary and fun over time.

2. Set up a play corner ⚽ : If you don't already have a play room, create an improvisational one in some cozy corner of your house. Put a colorful mat and a basket full of toys. Set up a play date with your little one and have fun for hours. Make up stories about every toy and as you play repeat the toys names in English.

3. Pick up a present together 🔫 : You have an upcoming birthday of some friend of your child? Or maybe you just want to buy some new toy for them? Go to your favourite toy store and as you stroll through the shelves tell your kid the English names of all the toys they set their eyes on.

4. English learning app 📱 : Take some rest from playing and running around and get comfortable on the couch with your mobile or tablet after you have cleaned up the mess behind you. Lingokids app will help your child learn all the necessary toy vocabulary through fun games, activities and song! To check your progress and to extend the fun off screen, check out this printable worksheet. Have fun!

5. Memory cards 🃏 : Print images of some toys (two of each) with their English names written below and cut them in squares. Put them in rows, face down and turn over any two cards on each turn. If the cards match - keep them, if they don't then turn them back over. Whoever matches the cards first wins! If you feel extra crafty and creative, draw and color the toys by yourselves.

6. Movies 🎬 : You can learn about toys on a weekend night, wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Our favourite movie about toys is definitely ''Toy Story'' - it consists of 3 animated movies so you're covered for 3 movie nights 😉 .

7. Songs 🎶 : Bring the fun to the next level with songs about toys! Listen to songs when you play, clean up the mess afterwards, or basically anytime you want! Check out this catchy and easy song about toys and colors 👇 . 

Song to learn Kid´s toys name:

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