Who said that children do not like the theatre?

The theatre is an ideal activity for children, both taking them to see a show or encouraging them to take part. To see and to take part in the theatre involves creativity, fantasy, fun, laughs, teamwork, to see things from another perspective and to pass time indulged in a story… What could possibly be more appropriate for children?

Acting themselves or watching, in both cases, the theatre is highly recommended for children

Usually, children will discover the theatre for themselves. Surprised? It shouldn’t do if you think about it. What is theatre? Essentially it is a type of game and children like nothing more than a game.

Theatre for children, as does theatre for adults, requires you to accept and to follow certain rules, to act in a certain way and to do something that under normal circumstances you wouldn’t do. Exactly what a lot of games are about.

As with most things, it varies with each child but usually, the ideal age to introduce children to the theatre is around aged 6 or 7. At this age, children can understand perfectly what is happening on stage, both if they are watching or taking part. More importantly, they will also be able to fully enjoy themselves.

Theatre for children, one of the best after-school activities

Almost all children have their planners full of after-school activities (swimming, foreign languages, sports etc) but it is the theatre that usually stands out the most. It continues to be one of the most demanded after-school activities.

Obviously, just because a child begins to take part in theatre, does not mean that they will become a big star. This should not be important to parents, mainly because at this stage, this isn’t important to children either. For them, theatre is just taking part in a big game.

From theatre, children develop their imaginations, learn to create stories, to work in a team etc. As a result, the theatre should be seen as just one more educational activity, all be it a very important one. This is a list of the main benefits that can be gained from theatre:

  • Improvements in pronunciation and verbal expression. Children will learn to express themselves more freely and with more clarity. They will discover new vocabulary and improve their memory.
  • Improvements in body language. They will learn how to control their body language to express their emotions, express feelings etc.
  • Improvements in their ability to work as part of a team. There are no plays or shows with just one person. Children will learn to work as part of a team, to achieve common goals and to respect limits.
  • Added security and self-esteem. Success on stage, even if it’s just at school will help children to overcome nerves, to free themselves up on stage and to express themselves more naturally.
  • Assistance in gaining a more varied knowledge. Via the theatre, children will also learn about literature, history, and knowledge of other cultures…
  • Advances the habit of reading. As you can imagine, before acting you need to read. Through theatre, children will begin to develop the important habit of reading.
  • Good values. Most shows and plays at the theatre have a moral to their story and try to transmit certain values or ways to see life as the whole. Coming into contact with these ideas, children tend to reflect on the things that they see and will discover new ways to think.

The theatre with children, a guaranteed hit

It is not all about trying to have a young actor or actress at home. Plays for children or pantomimes, any type of theatre that is adapted for children, is also an excellent way to get them into contact with this world and is an activity that parents will always get right.

As entertainment, the theatre is highly recommended. For the youngest members of the family, the theatre will be as stimulating and as fun as a movie, with the added bonus of not being glued to a screen at the same time as doing something different.

Most theatre for children will have the actors interacting with the public and they know exactly how to get everyone laughing. You will find that children end up having even more fun here, than with their favorite films or cartoons.

As we have already mentioned, the theatre teaches good values, but the good thing about these shows is that they are so varied. Not everything in life has to be educational or just about an afternoon of laughs, you will find all different kinds of alternatives.

Definitively speaking, the theatre for children is a must. Either taking part or just watching, children will discover a world of entertainment that is fun and creates new understandings. This counts for the parents as well of course, as usual, they will end up having as much fun as the younger ones.

It might not be an activity for every week, due to prices, availability in your town… but go as often as you can, or as often as your children want to, what is for sure though, is that the theatre will be a guaranteed hit.

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