So you are going to give them a bike? This is what they need to have

Riding a bike is one of the most enjoyable recreational activities for children. However, you must not forget that riding a bike comes with a great responsibility for adults.

For this, it is recommendable for you to use this list of the essential pieces of safety equipment for riding a bike safely and avoiding any injuries.

Six pieces of safety equipment that children must have

We will give you the most essential pieces of safety equipment and also some that are not as critical but have been shown to be useful and come highly recommended.

A helmet is without question

Without a doubt, the most important piece of safety gear that children must have is a helmet. In many cities around the world, the use of a helmet when riding a bicycle is compulsory.

This piece of equipment is quite literally, something that saves lives in the event of an accident, as the head is one of the least protected areas of the body. Remember though, for a helmet to be as efficient as possible, it is recommendable to consult with a professional when choosing a helmet, making sure of its suitability for the boy or girl that will use it.

Other areas need protecting as well

While the head is the main area to protect, arms and legs are important too. Because of this, make sure you have knee pads and elbow pads.

Falls are part of riding a bike, and as the majority of falls are sideways, knees and elbows are left very vulnerable to hits onto the hard tarmac, resulting in a high risk of injury to these areas. As with selecting the right helmet, it is imperative that you chose the correct equipment, suitable for the age and size of your child.

Protect the hands and improve grip

We have mentioned a few areas of the body that need extra attention. Well, hands are also in this category. It is highly recommended to include gloves onto the list of required safety equipment.

The gloves selected though can’t just be any type of gloves. They must be specifically designed gloves that give protection to the hands and that will also improve the grip with the handlebars. A firm grip will help to reduce the risk of falls.

See and be seen

Visibility is another key element when discussing safety on a bicycle. This area is something that needs to be addressed from two angles. Firstly, you need to have the right accessories to be able to see properly at the front and secondly, you need the right accessories to be able to be seen properly by others at the back.

In the first case, there is a wide range of options available that emit a powerful white light. In the second case, a positional light at the rear will be sufficient.

If possible, incorporate an accessory that emits sounds

That motor vehicles emit warning signals is not without reason. It is an important way to warn other road users about any possible dangers.

This is not something to be taken lightly with bicycles either. A simple accessory that emits sounds like a bell, will not interfere with the use of the bike and can be incorporated without causing any problems

Protect the basic component of the bike

When discussing pieces of safety equipment to make riding a bike as safe as possible, it is important to not focus solely on protecting the child. You must also consider accessories that protect the bike itself as this will also help to prevent accidents.

An example of this is a chain cover. This accessory helps to protect the bicycle chain which will provide additional security, as it reduces the risk of it breaking or becoming tangled up with something else.

To end with, it must be said that the main advantage with all of these accessories is that they can be easily found and generally, at very reasonable prices. They can all be found in sports stores and also online, so there are no excuses for your children to ride a bike without the necessary protection.