Reinforce Repetition with the Recent Activity Button

Do you ever notice how your child loves to play their favorite game, watch their favorite movie, or sing their favorite song again and again?

“When I was a kid, I used to watch The Lion King over and over and over again. And I still cried every time”, Mariana, one of our Lingo-moms, shared with us. “Now I’m a mom and I always laugh a little when my daughter yells ‘Again! Again!’ after playing her favorite game.”

In fact, more than a few Lingo-parents told us that their children like to repeat favorite activities in the app. Dr. Suzanne Barchers, Chair of the Lingokids Advisory Board, recommends repetition as a behavior to be encouraged. “Repetition is essential for comprehension and retention of learning objectives. There is a comfort in familiarity and kids get a chance to detect details they missed the first time.”

Based on feedback from our educational board and parents like you, we’ve introduced a feature to make your child’s favorite games easily discoverable. From the Kids Area, look for the small blue arrow to the far left of the screen. Click it to view and select your child’s most recently played games.

Recent activity button Lingokids

It’s always great to encourage your children’s positive behavior, so we hope this feature will help you reinforce repetition. Update your Lingokids app to try it out!