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Learning a language, especially a second one, can make a significant difference in someone’s life. It is a skill which requires lots of work and dedication that better starts at an early age and it’s something that can’t be trusted easily. Nowadays, there are multiple English learning methods, all of them generate different opinions impressions from the users, but the most important thing is to find the one that works the best, better yet if it’s also fun and engaging for young learners.

Lingokids’ main goal is to provide a safe and exciting environment for kids to learn English but also to have fun and to develop a liking for the language. In order to keep improving and providing a great service, the parents’ feedback is crucial for any English learning app, here are some testimonials about Lingokids’ work.

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Cristina and Isabella - Lingokids Opinions

"I want Isabella to master English conversation, to learn the Language properly so she can find work and stability in the future since English is fundamental in today’s world.”

Lingokids opinions

"It is very hard for Thai students to learn English properly. So with Lingokids, I expect Nathamon to understand English, to understand what the teacher says and be able to answer. I want her to speak English comfortably, and not be afraid to talk to a foreigner."

Lingokids opinions

"I think the real investment is not saving money but investing in children and teaching them everything. The English language is the key to dealing with the whole world, and lingokids is the best app I have ever used each part of its songs and games. My son Belal look forward his classes with all happiness and excitement thank you lingokids keep moving forward."

Lingokids opinions

"I feel all of you are here with us, near us. We love Teacher Natalie, she is always happy to teach Lourdes, very enthusiastic! Excellent teacher!"

"I want my children to learn English because I want to give them the opportunity to live outside of Russia, to study somewhere else in Europe, and to be able to travel a lot and see the world. It is very difficult to find native English teachers in Russia, and the few that are here usually teach more advanced groups, which is the reason why I think Lingokids and your teachers are brilliant for me and my kids (...) I'm glad that parent's opinion is important for you.
Your team is really brilliant and we're glad to study with you and of course, I will highly recommend you to our friends."

Lingokids opinions

“To me, knowing English means being open to lots of great opportunities. I love how fresh the program is: the app, the games and all the materials that you offer. I consider this to be a must-have service for my daughter’s bilingual education. I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s topic, Months of the Year. We work a lot together, apart from the classes, and four sessions were necessary to consolidate the topic, but I am so happy now because on the last class Ivanna was able to correctly pronounce all the months and she won’t forget them anymore. All the teachers are amazing!

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Lingokids Awards:

-Mom's Choice Awards

-National Parenting Publications Awards

-The Lovie Awards

-Best Educational Apps for Toddlers of 2017 by Tutora Ltd


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