Learn at home: Online English classes for kids with native teachers

If your child is under 8 years old then it's the best time for him to learn a second language and become bilingual. At that age, the brain of a kid is like a sponge - it absorbs an incredible amount of information incredibly fast. Now, we know that you might not want to send them to an academy because you are not sure if they will pay attention in a classroom or they would not have as much fun if they are being told exactly what to do. Well, we have you covered - you can learn at home and have twice the fun! Read through our advice and see your child progress more and more each day.

1. Rule number one - have fun: Kids at that age can learn any given skill only if they are going to have fun. Songs, crafts, games, stories - you name it (Check out other articles on our blog, you'll find tons of ideas). Turn your bonding time to an educational carnival! 

2. Online English classes:  It's very important that your child is exposed to English spoken by natives. Primarily because at the age 2-6 is where they are most likely to mimic and pick up particular phonics of the language. Sign your child up for English online classes  with native Lingokid´s teachers and learn without having to move from your cozy couch. Among other benefits you would get with this type of learning over a traditional English academy - it costs way less and the classes last 20 minutes which is the optimal time that kids from that age can have their attention focused. (Psssst! First class is FREE ? )

3. Listen and watch others speak: Once your online class has finished, in order to absorb more vocabulary (and have fun for a while longer), put on your favorite Disney movie - they never get old! Sing along to the songs and laugh and cry at the happy and sad moments. 

4. Speak at home: Once you start building up vocabulary feel free to throw in some English word in a normal conversation in your native language. ''Ponte a jacket, hace frío afuera!'' / ''Vamos sair para brincar com o dog!''. Don't be afraid that they will get confused. Kids who start learning a second language at a very young age can tell different languages apart.

Have fun learning!


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