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Learn the numbers in English for kids

numbers in english for kids

Learning the numbers is the foundation of further more complex math problems for children. But primarily they feed kids' curiosity with ''How many?'' questions. They have the necessity to count everything they see around them. So check out these fun games to learn the numbers in English for kids:

Numbers from 1 to 9

1 - One
2 - Two
3 - Three
4 - Four
5 - Five
6 - Six
7 - Seven
8 - Eight
9 - Nine

Numbers from 10 to 19

10 - ten
11 - eleven
12 - twelve
13 - thirteen
14 - fourteen
15 - fifteen
16 - sixteen
17 - seventeen
18 - eighteen
19 - nineteen

Numbers from 20 to 100

20 - twenty
21 - twenty-one
22 - twenty-two
23 - twenty-three
24 - twenty-four
25 - twenty-five
26 - twenty-six
27 - twenty-seven
28 - twenty-eight
29 - twenty-nine

30 - thirty
40 - forty
50 - fifty
60 - sixty
70 - seventy
80 - eighty
90 - ninety
100 - one hundred

Activities to learn the Numbers in English

1. Match pictures with numbers: On little pieces of paper print or write the numbers from 1 to 10 as one part of the puzzle, and then print or draw a corresponding amount of animals/objects as the other part of the puzzle. Have your child match the numbers with the pictures by asking, for example ''How many dogs can you see on this picture?''.

2. Trace the numbers: The best way to learn to recognise and write the numbers is to trace their shape. On Lingokids app , among many other activities and songs about numbers, there's a perfect activity for tracing the numbers. It will have your child redoing them all the time and learning to write them so fast!

3. Hopscotch: A time machine hasn't been invented yet, but hopscotch will definitely take you back in time! All you'll need is a chalk and a little object to toss (a little rock, shell, bottle cap...). Draw the hopscotch diagram (like on the picture above) and start playing, while repeating the numbers in english as you toss the stone. Check out our printable material for the detailed description of the game rules (and more activities for your child).

4. Make dominoes cookies: Cookie-making is the most yummy and fun way to learn to count in English. Make a cookie dough of your choice and make rectangle shaped cookies (just like dominoes). Take some mini M&Ms to create the domino dots and count them as you add them on the dough!

Video: Octopus, how many legs?

Listen to ''Octopus, octopus, how many legs?'' below and count together! 🐙

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