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Names of jobs in English

Jobs name in English

From a young age, children start to wonder what they will be when they grow up. Your child might want to take care of animals, teach at school, or even go to the moon. It is important for kids to learn how to express their dreams for the future, as well as talk about their parents’ own jobs. In this post you will learn how to talk about professions in English with your kid, so if they say they want to put out fires, they’ll say they want to be firefighters.

List of professions





Construction Worker













Games to learn jobs name in English

-Charades: Before playing this game, you should talk to your child about the different occupations and reviewe the names few times. Then, take turns acting out various professions and guessing the names in English. For example, you could pretend to use a fire hose, and your child would say “firefighter!”

-True or false: After reviewing the different professions and their names, you can give your child different statements about a particular job and let them tell you if the description fits that profession. An example would be: “A teacher works in a hospital” and the answer would be “false”. To make it a little more challenging, and in case the answer is “false”, you can let your kid tell you the right answer (which in this case would be either “a teacher works in a school” or “a doctor works in a hospital”).

-Identify and match: For this game, you’ll need two sets of flashcards. One set will only have pictures of objects used in the different professions or representative of each job (example: a microphone to identify a singer or an airplane to identify a pilot) and the other set of flashcards will have the names of the different professions. You’ll have to place all the flashcards and then your child will proceed to identify and match the two sets of flashcards. Each flashcard with the name of the job should be matched with the flashcard that has the picture of the object.

Bonus! You can either print out the pictures or you can draw and color them with the help of your child.

Video: Jobs song for Kids

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