You’ve Made It Lingocamper: What’s Coming up on Week Eight of LingoCamp?

We can’t believe it, it’s already week eight! While this might mean that LingoCamp is coming to an end, the skills and vocabulary that your kids have learned will remain with them for a long time thanks to all the hard work and practice they’ve put in. And that’s why this week is all about celebrating your kids’ efforts and fitting in the last few activities to teach them some extra handy skills.

What More Could We Possibly Fit Into LingoCamp? 

LingoCamp has been so jam-packed, that when we came around to planning this week, this exact question was on our minds. We decided to make this week the perfect end to the summer by introducing a few extra skill s and giving kids a chance to celebrate the hard work they’ve done while taking part in LingoCamp! 

This week includes a wide range of different activities, and it's certainly an exciting end! Teaching skills such as recycling, bug-themed vocabulary, and tracing, our last week of LingoCamp is going to be busy. We also have a special treat for all the kids who finish LingoCamp - their very own certificate that they can keep as a special memento of all their hard work at LingoCamp. 

What Is There To Look Forward To This Week? 

Recycling Memory Game 

Recycling is such an important part of how we can protect our beautiful earth, and this game is a great introduction to recycling for kids. Your little ones can playlearn to learn the different types of recycling and the essential vocabulary in this fun and informative game! 

Bugs Memory Game 

Our world is full of lots of different bugs, and in this game, it's up to you to try to remember their names and match the cards! This game is a great way to practice memory skills, while playlearning™ the different specific bugs-related vocabulary in English.  

Draw Friends Game 

Get all the Lingokids together in one picture in this tracing game and practice tracing skills, to make a picture celebrating friends! A great way to round off the week - why not draw a picture with your kids of all their friends after? 

Are you ready? If you don’t have Lingokids installed yet, download the Lingokids app for iOS or Android. Keep an eye on the official LingoCamp page for all the latest updates, to make sure you stay up to date with all the fun of LingoCamp! 

Which activity are you most excited about? Let us know on our social media channels!