The World Is Coming Alive: What’s Coming up on Week Seven of LingoCamp?

This week at LingoCamp is all about showing our love for the great outdoors - from the tops of the trees to the grassy floors and all that surrounds us. We love celebrating nature, and we love sharing our passion for plants and animals. That’s why we’re taking this week to admire and appreciate the beautiful world that surrounds us.

The World is Coming Alive at LingoCamp!

Kids are naturally inquisitive, and they love spotting the animals rustling in the bushes and plains, soaring overhead, and everything else that makes up our beautiful world. We want to help kids be able to describe what they see so that they can express their enthusiasm for nature and learn to respect and nurture the world around us.

Week Seven at LingoCamp is designed to give kids the tools they need to describe and celebrate the world around them. With games varying from a Bicycle Race to a fun picnic game, your little ones will travel all around the world this week, while playlearning™ with the vocabulary and grammar associated with our beautiful world.

What Is There To Look Forward To This Week?

Take a look at what’s happening in the final week of LingoCamp.

Race Game Bicycle theme

Three, two, one - GO! It's time for a LingoCamp bike race, and we want you to take part. Do you think you can be the fastest while collecting all the letters? Find out in this exhilarating game!

The World is Coming Alive Song

What can you see? hear? Taste? Touch? Smell? Learn all about the five senses with this catchy song. Your kids will quickly familiarize themselves with the lyrics and can adapt it by singing about what they can see in the world around them.

Picnic Sticker Game

It’s time for your kids to build their dream picnic at LingoCamp with the “Picnic Sticker Game. Your little ones can go find all the delicious foods and put them together to enjoy a delicious picnic in the outdoors. Make sure they’re not forgetting anything - all the food looks too delicious, they’ll want to eat every bite!

How To Get Involved?

Are you ready? If you don’t have Lingokids installed yet, download the app for iOS or Android. Keep an eye on the official LingoCamp page for all the latest updates, to make sure you stay up to date with all the fun of LingoCamp!

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