Get in the Zen Zone: What’s Coming Up On Week Five of LingoCamp?

Week 5 is definitely a change in pace from the previous week of LingoCamp! This week is all about introducing children to an incredible skill - mindfulness. We want to teach children how to manage their emotions, calm their minds, and take a breath through playlearning™. This week will provide them with an invaluable tool for dealing with moments of stress or anxiety.

What exactly is the Zen Zone?

The Zen Zone is the place where your children are calm and in control, and where they can deal with a number of different challenges that the world may throw at them. Mindfulness helps everyone, not just kids, reach the Zen Zone, encouraging people to slow down, take stock of what is happening around them, control the stress in their bodies, and carefully assess a situation. It’s great for kids to s tart learning these methods from a young age, so they become used to practicing them as they get older. This will help them go into the Zen Zone easily and quickly,  whenever they need a minute to themselves.  

This week is a great introduction to mindfulness for kids. With our fun puzzles and tracing activities, we will start introducing kids to the basics of mindfulness through relaxing and calming their minds, in an engaging way! The techniques we will be teaching are also great tools to use in your family’s daily life. Your entire family can all work together and start thriving in the Zen Zone.

What Is There To Look Forward To This Week? 

Read on to see what different activities we have coming up this week. 

Hidden Objects Tent

Time to help Elliot out and pick up all the mess in his tent. Tidying up is the perfect way to create a calming space to relax. Practice your focusing skills to organize his things, and find the objects he’s looking for in this peaceful game.

Traceable Flower 

Take five minutes to create your own beautiful flower picture by tracing the petals. This game is a great chance to enjoy some quiet reflection and will help improve your kids’ concentration and fine motor skills, as they make something pretty!

Puzzle Kayak

free online summer camp lingokids - kayak activities

Lisa wants to explore the LingoCamp river, so she needs you to drag and drop and build her a brand new kayak. It may take a bit of concentration to make sure all the pieces fit together, but it is certainly a great way to practice problem-solving skills!

If you don’t have Lingokids installed yet, download the Lingokids app for iOS or Android. Keep an eye on the official LingoCamp page for all the latest updates, to make sure you stay up to date with all the fun of LingoCamp! 

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