It Takes Two to Tango: What’s Coming up on Week Four of Lingocamp?

This week calls for a new challenge, as kids are going to learn all about collaboration! Collaboration can include many things: teamwork, cooperation, and working together. As one of the 21st-century skills, we believe it's vital to start teaching kids about collaboration at home. We are so excited to introduce kids to the foundations of collaboration in week 4 of LingoCamp!

IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO - Time to dust off those dancing shoes!

Teaching kids collaboration really depends on involving the entire family. This is a great week for everyone to get involved and take part in some of the LingoCamp fun! Working together with the shared goal of playlearning™ is a rewarding experience for the whole family, and will help teach kids empathy and the importance of sharing different perspectives, as well.

Our play-together games also allow families to build strong bonds, as you all work together toward a common goal. Enjoy this chance to release your inner kid, as you try our Tractor Game this week or dance around the house to Don’t Stop Baby Bot, getting into the spirit of LingoCamp!

What Is There To Look Forward To This Week?

This week has a bunch of different exciting activities. Take a look at some of them here.

Sticker LingoCamp

Broaden your vocabulary of all the different camp supplies you may need to LingoCamp! Drag and drop the different supplies in this colorful sticker game.

LingoCamp sticker game week 4

Don’t Stop Baby Bot chant

Don’t stop moving and grooving to the beat of our Fitness Chant with Baby Bot, Lisa, Elliot, Billy, and Cowy. Put a big smile on your face as you jam out to Don’t Stop Baby Bot, guaranteed to get everyone off the sofa and dancing!

Tractor Game

Drive the tractor together and help Elliot grab all the vegetables while avoiding all the other plants. Your kids can put their collaboration skills into practice, as you work together to drive the vehicle!

Are you ready? If you don’t have Lingokids installed yet, download the Lingokids app for iOS or Android. Keep an eye on the official LingoCamp page for all the latest updates, to make sure you stay up to date with all the fun of LingoCamp!

Which activity are you most excited about? Let us know on our social media channels!