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How to Learn About Food in English for Children

learn food in english for children

Who wouldn't like learning a new language while food shopping, cooking and playing? Well it's possible 🙌 , and bellow you can find a few ideas to get you started.

1. Go grocery shopping - Take your little one to the closest supermarket to help you out with the regular grocery shopping. Make the shopping list in English and craft it creatively - put pictures next to every item so that your child would recognise them easier (you can make and print your own custom made grocery list ). Wandering around the shelves looking for your favourite food is a great way to engage in an English conversation for kids. Try short and simple sentences like ''Could you pass me 2 carrots, please?'', ''Thank you!''. Point to a particular item and ask them ''Can you tell me what is this?''. We're sure your child will have so much fun.

2. Cook together - So now that you're back from the grocery shopping, get ready to make some mess in the kitchen. Prepare everything you need to cook your kid's favourite dish. Put the recipe on a paper and again, put pictures on the recipe. Have your child read the measurements out loud to you.

3. Play food games on your tablet/mobile phone - Download a basic English learning app for children and play games while learning about food in English. In the English learning app Lingokids  you can find many fun games so your child can learn while having tons of fun.

Have a yummy time learning! 🍳

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