How to Teach English to Children Through Their Senses

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Kids learn English best when they interact with the objects they are being taught about. Preschoolers are kinaesthetic learners, so identifying, touching and smelling the object and being able to tell how it feels helps them memorise it easier. Find a few ideas below to get started!

1. Gather some objects - Place the objects on the table and make a "word bank" with all the words your child would use to describe how the object looks, feels and smells. Use words like: "fluffy", "rough", "crinkly", "sticky", etc. To make it more playful, have your child describe the object and you take a guess.

2. Make a list of objects - On a piece of paper put all the objects you can think of in English. Download an English learning app for kids such as Lingokids app and use the objects you have learned while playing - together describe how they feel.

3. Read "touching and feeling" books - These books are gold for early ELLs. They are a great help when it comes to learning vocabulary to describe textures of objects. Check out Usborne's touchy-feely series of books . In the books the main protagonist is a mouse looking for something, and as soon as he thinks he found it, he realises it's too bobbly/hairy/fluffy.

Enjoy the touchy-feely game time! 🐼

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