How to make the best homemade ice creams for your children

Once the warm weather arrives, children start to ask for ice cream and refreshing ice lollies to have the best time possible as the temperature rises. The truth is that it can be difficult to resist buying ice creams during this time of year. However, it is becoming more and more popular to make your own ice cream, as not only it can be healthier but also cheaper. Making your own ice cream allows you to give your children a healthy dessert, and also gives you the freedom to adapt it to your own taste. It can be a creative activity that is also the perfect way for children to eat fruit in a less traditional way.

Making homemade ice cream is easy, you won’t even need an ice cream maker. If you do have one it will make things more effortless, but it’s not essential. You can make them by mixing the ice cream with your hands, or with a mixer or a blender.

There are many simple recipes for making ice cream that your children will love. It is advisable for the ice cream to have a greasy base, preferably made with egg, so that the ice cream doesn’t become too icy, but the rest of the ingredients will depend on what your children like most.

The best recipes for homemade ice cream

Here are a few simple ideas that taste great and that you can make as a refreshing snack this summer:

  • Frozen Yogurt

This is a recipe that has become more and more popular over the past few years. It couldn’t be simpler and is very healthy. What you need is natural yogurt, 250ml of cream, 75g of sugar (the sugar is optional depending on the sweetness that you prefer, it can be substituted with Stevia or with other natural sweeteners.

-Whisk the cream halfway before making the cream whipped and keep this as cold as possible.

-Mix the yogurts with sugar and then with the cream to make a creamy mix.

-Freeze the cream in the freezer and move it around every half an hour to avoid it becoming an ice block. Repeat this process for 3 hours.

You can personalize this recipe by adding fruits, chocolate or any other of your children’s favorite toppings.

  • Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate spread is a food that most children love and fortunately, it is not necessary to buy ready made as you can make your own in a more healthy way. To make this ice cream you need 350ml of cream, 100ml of milk, 50g of sugar and 250g of chocolate spread.

-Whisk the cream with the milk and sugar until you have a creamy texture.

-Add the chocolate spread at room temperature so that it can be mixed easily with the other ingredients. Mix everything together in a uniform way.

-Place the mix into a metallic container and put it into the freezer, making sure to move the mixture around to avoid it becoming icy as with the previous recipe.

This ice cream can also be made with fruits like oranges or bananas or even by adding nuts.

  • Fruit Ice Lollies

Ice lollies are the most refreshing as they are based around water. They are a perfect way to integrate fruit into a child’s diet in an alternative and fun way. Ice lollies can be made with water or with yogurts, you decide. This recipe is made with yogurt as it provides the necessary fats into your children’s diet.

Prepare 500g of your child’s favorite fruit, 250g of creamy yogurt and your required amount of sugar or natural sweetener.

-Wash the fruit and then use a blender to liquidate it. Once the fruit has been blended, strain it so that you are left with the smoothest mix possible.

-Mix together fully the yogurt and the sugar.

-Add the yogurt to the fruit juice and mix together, before freezing it for a minimum of 3 hours.

These are just a few of the simple recipes for making your own ice creams this summer. Your children will be so happy with a refreshing afternoon snack that is healthy at the same time. A basic food element that’s economical, nutritious and that can be enjoyed not only by children but by everyone at home. Which one do you think your children will like most?

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