Are you already thinking of Halloween? These are some of the best costumes

Halloween, that festivity where everyone dresses up looking for the scariest costume, or in many cases the funniest costumes. Halloween is close, and in just a matter of weeks, everything will be full of pumpkins and spider webs, with children and adults wearing costumes, asking for sweets and scaring people. There are many types of costumes for this holiday, but not everyone is okay with just a simple costume, in fact, there are people that take very seriously choosing the costume they will wear the 31st of October.

Some people look for a costume in which they have fun with their friends while others look for the scariest or darkest costume to scare their neighborhood. That's why we bring you some ideas to choose the best Halloween costume ever.

Dark Disney Characters

Creating scary or dark versions of Disney characters can always be a success. Cute and nice characters like Mickey and Olaf can be perfect for this night. These are very fun characters that in a costume decorated with the most terrifying complements will make your children the stars of the night. Another option is to choose the costumes of the scariest characters of Disney like Jafar, (Aladdin's enemy) or Ares, the scariest character of Hercules.


This is another option for a terrifying night, during the history, there has been a lot of figures whose ugly looks and darkest stories have made people believe legends of them. Great figures of different mythologies have been represented as dark figures. We're not only talking about figures like Charon, from the Greek mythology but demons from the nipa mythology or creatures from the northern underworld. This is another option for a terrifying night, can you imagine your child dressed up as the Viking king of terror?

Child costumes

Children wearing costumes can be very scary. We might think that adults are the scariest in Halloween, but children and costumes can really scare us. A little child wearing pajamas and a teddy bear in their hand can be a good costume for this night. Childlike styles can be a good option to terrify a whole neighborhood.


Creating a bloody costume, like if we had just had an accident, with bruises, broken bones or dislocated bones. It would definitely be a very shocking costume. With this costume, you can be very scary, but be careful, if you make it very real your neighbors will possibly offer help and you will end up really scaring them.


Although animals can be the best friends our children have, they can also become a great idea to wear as a costume on Halloween. Dressing up your child as a dragon or a wild lion can be a success. The wildest animals with the scariest makeup can be the perfect mix to let the kids spread terror in the streets.


Contrary to characters of historical stories, the characters of creepypastas are part of an urban contemporary legend. Some time ago, these characters become more popular and are very sincere, it is very unlikely to happen to have someone waiting to have Slenderman in the door of their house.


A Spiderman`s costume, or a Batman's costume can also be a good costume for Halloween. These costumes are usually used for birthday parties or carnivals, but a costume of your favorite superhero along with some terrifying decoration can create a costume that your friends and family will remember at least until the next Halloween of next year.

These are some ideas to celebrate the scariest night of the year. There are still some months to go for Halloween, but you can start to choose your costume using these ideas. The costume is the main element of this night. With these costumes, children will have a lot of fun and will be the stars of the night. Although this night is a night to scare people and decorate everything in the scariest way possible, the most important thing is to have fun and if you use these costumes you will be able to have fun seeing the faces that your friends and family members have when they get scared seeing your children dressed up in the most original way.

And if you're looking for a hairstyle for your children to use for this night, here you have some ideas of the best hairstyles for the little ones.