Glitter calming jars: a relaxing toy for children

Children often have a tough time expressing and regulating their emotions. Most young children don’t have enough self-control to soothe themselves when something doesn’t go as planned. This is one of the main causes of a child’s anxiety. That’s why it’s important to always have a few tricks on hand to help your little one manage his or her emotions when needed.

Glitter calming jars are one of the most used methods nowadays. These magical creations are not only beautiful but very soothing and relaxing. They help children decompress and calm down on their own, without any pressure whatsoever. Even though these jars are only made with glitter and water, looking at them it’s like staring into a beautiful galaxy, one that helps the little ones have a time out while their emotions subside.

These calming jars -a name that suits these items very well- are great for children with special needs, and also for those children who are worried or under a lot of stress. They can also be used as timers, since they work with movement and take some time to settle down again after being shaken.

How to make these mindfulness jars at home

There are many options to make these awesome calming jars at home, however some materials are basic for almost all of them.


- A plastic bottle or jar, make sure it’s transparent so you can easily see through it. (You can use plastic bottles or jars since they’re safer for kids)

- Hot water (it doesn’t have to be boiling, warm water works well)

- Glitter glue or clear glue

- Glitter

- Food coloring

- Mixing bowl and whisk (these materials are optional, you may mix everything in the jar if you want to)

- Hot glue gun

Making the calming jar

1. Make sure your bottle is clean and dry.

2. Pour warm water in the bottle (or into the mixer), just enough to fill one-third of the bottle that you’re using will be fine.

3. Ask your child to pour down some glitter glue into the mix, about half a cup would be enough. You can also use clear glue if preferred, and then add the glitter later.

4. If you decided to use glitter glue, you can also choose to add some extra glitter for more shine. In this case, about two teaspoons would be enough. On the other hand, if on the previous step you used clear glue, add half a cup of glitter to the mix.

5. Next, add a few drops of food coloring into the mix. This will give some extra color to the water. If preferred, stick to the same color as the glitter you used.

6. With your mix ready and inside the jar, now pour more warm water into the mix. Fill up almost all the jar, but remember to leave some empty space for the mixture to move.

7. Glue the lid to the jar using hot glue, so you can shake it safely without it spilling everywhere.

As an additional tip, you can add extra ingredients during your mixing process to make your child’s calming jar better. Add glitter with different shapes like hearts or stars to make the content of the bottle stand out and look more playful.

Also, if you want the glitter to flow extra fast, you can add a bit of clear liquid hand soap to the mix. This ingredient will make the liquid in the bottle to swirl faster than normal, which will make the galaxy effect more impressive. If you don’t have this type of soap at hand, you can also add a bit of glycerine or baby oil.

Using the jars to help children control their feelings

These awesome looking bottles are also a mindfulness tool for kids, this means that the little ones will learn to be conscious of their own feelings and will learn how to control them. You can use them at home all you want, or you can even carry one with you in case you’re going on a long trip with your little one. Also, you can prepare small bottles so your child carries it with him or her at all times.

If your child is feeling stressed, encourage him or her to shake the glitter jar and watch all the glitter fall. This will help your little one start regaining control of his or her emotions in a healthy, relaxing way.