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5 Tips to Learn the Animals in English for Kids

animals in english for children

Kids have the purest hearts and an unconditional love for animals. They would be thrilled if they can talk and show their love for animals in as many languages as possible. That's why we give you these 5 tips to help your child learn their names in English:

List of Animals Name in English:

Squirrel, Chipmunk - Animals NameSquirrel

Turtle - Animals nameTurtle

Spider - Animals nameSpider

Snake - Animals nameSnake

Snail - Animals nameSnail

Sheep - Animals NameSheep

Rabbit - Animals nameRabbit

Octopus - Animals nameOctopus

Mouse - Animals NameMouse

Lion - Animals NameLion

Ladybug - Animals NameLadybug

Horse - Animals nameHorse

Frog - Animals NameFrog

Duck - Animals NameDuck

Deer - Animals NameDeer

Cow - Animals NameCow

Chicken - Animals nameChicken

Cheetah - Animals NameCheetah

Cat - Animals nameCat

Butterfly- Animals NameButterfly

Bird - Animals nameBird

Bee - Animals NameBee

Bat - Animals in EnglishBat

Ant -  Animals NameAnt

Activities to learn Animals name:

1. Songs - Start with the classic ''Old MacDonald Had a Farm''. Download Lingokids , the English learning app for kids, and find many songs about animals (you can also find many activities and games for learning English too!).

2. Animal movement cards - Print some cards with animal pictures and write down how they move - ''roll like a pig'', ''gallop like a horse'', ''pounce like a cat', etc. Draw a card in turns and get ready to laugh to tears.

3. Drawing and colouring - In your nearest bookstore pick up some animal themed colouring and connect-the-dots books. Grab some crayons and start having fun. Make up stories about the animals as you colour.

4. Take them to a farm - Kids learn English best if they interact with the objects they learn about. If you have a chance take them to a nearby farm and have a fun family day out while learning.

5. Seasonal tips - Learn about sea animals in the summer. Use all of the tips we mentioned above and practice the animal names while playing at the beach. Learn about polar animals in the winter.  Draw and colour polar animals while cuddled under your warmest blanket drinking tea.

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Farm animal´s song

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